Best Affiliate Marketing Forums to Make More Money Online

Do you have enough “cash cows?” The key to wealth, according to most wealthy people today, is in creating multiple income streams. The best way to do this is to find the right combination of techniques and tricks to master the game. Whether you own an eCommerce site or strive to be a top affiliate marketing expert, you should find this post to be a benefit to you in your quest.

Why do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a big cash cow, for sure! That’s why so many people want to get a piece of this lucrative business. But how do you know where to start or what resources to use to get started? There are some different ways to approach this. Some basic knowledge of how affiliate marketing works are essential to save yourself some time and money.

Some bloggers and website owners start with one product that they like and post the affiliate link on their site, then blog about topics that will attract the audience for that product or service. That’s fine if you have a great deal of confidence in the success of the product you chose or think that the earning potential is exceptionally high for the company you are promoting for.

Some products or services can earn you a nice nest egg on their own. If your brand is similar to the product or service you are focusing on, you may have a winner. But if you need some help, you might want to take a look at some of the forums that are available for affiliate marketers to help boost your efforts.

1. STM (StackthatMoney)

StackthatMoney ( is considered the #1 affiliate marketing forum online today. One of the reasons is that they have “meet-ups” in various places in the world like Barcelona, Spain, and Hong Kong. They claim that their forum will give you everything you need to get an edge on the competition when it comes to affiliate marketing. They are also multilingual and offer their services and information in at least three different languages.

They also have a very active blog that offers articles with compelling titles such as, “How to Spy on Your Ecommerce Competitors,” and “What Verticals and Traffic Sources are Working in 2018?”

You can click on the “free preview” link at the top of the navigation bar to try it out and test drive it a bit. When you do, you’ll see the titles where people have commented and shared their knowledge on important topics regarding affiliate marketing. It’s well worth your time to check out their blog and see what you can learn from the other affiliate marketers. There are some unique, innovative tips you can look into, too. Bookmark “StackthatMoney” if you want a comprehensive blog, forum, and affiliate marketing network that offers the best bang for the buck!

2. AffLift

AffLift is a premium affiliate marketing forum that just went live, but it already off to an exciting and amazing start. The private forum was created by Luke Kling, who is well known in the world of affiliate marketing, and for his association with PeerFly — one of the top affiliate networks in the world today.

Through AffLift, members will be able to connect not only with each other, but also with Luke himself. With over a thousand members already on the forum, it’s quite active and there are plenty of case studies and tutorial walkthrough provided by Luke himself — which have already proven to be successful.

Of the many benefits and features included within AffLift, I think the personal touch and experience that Luke brings to the table will continue to make this a top affiliate marketing forum for years to come. What’s even more exciting is to actually watch the growth and progress of this forum and community come together. It already has thousands of premium members and lots of ‘follow along’ threads as well. These are super beneficial to anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing, while also following the case studies, journeys, and tutorials from others.

3. Affiliate Fix

Affiliate Fix is an active community-based affiliate blog and forum that you can learn a lot from! If you look down through the various threads, you’ll see a variety of topics such as introductory posts about what affiliate marketing is (for beginners), all the way up to media buying forum threads and information about email marketing.

There’s no doubt that you can stay a while on this site and learn a lot of essential skills that can help you increase your success in video marketing, search engine optimization, and even cryptocurrency.

If you are looking for a mixed forum that offers a host of different topics for your affiliate marketing goals, this may be the one you want to check out.

4. Affilorama

Another great affiliate marketing forum is Affilorama. This no-hype type forum features several good links to topics that are important to affiliate marketers. You’ll find links straight to the issues and threads the minute you enter the site, and you can start looking for the information you want to read more about and replying to the threads. It is considered one of the most important affiliates marketing sites online today.

5. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum has been around for a long time. It offers helpful tips for internet marketers, affiliate marketing tips, and even ideas on how to increase your income. You can sell things on the forum and interact with other affiliates who share their knowledge with you. If you are a serious affiliate marketer or want to learn the ropes, you’ll find some big takeaways on this forum. You’ll find this forum to be everything it claims to be, especially if you pitch into the discussions. There are also quite a few opportunities for online webinars by the experts.

6. What The Aff

While this one isn’t an affiliate marketing forum, it is an extremely valuable resource. In fact, if you’ve ever taken the time to browse through any of the top make money online forums just for the latest news and tips, then you will really love what WhatTheAff has to offer. It’s a free daily newsletter that consolidates all of their best information, news and content in affiliate marketing and online business, while also making it a fun and entertaining five-minute read.

This is definitely a great news and resource that every online marketer should be adding to their list.

7. Digital Point

Digital Point Forums features much more than a forum. But that is the first thing you’ll see when visiting this site. There are threads about multimedia production and copywriting, affiliate marketing, and Google tips (which is usually featured at the top of the forum).

Additionally, you can buy and sell on this site, write eBooks and articles to list for sale, and even sell original scripts or templates. So it is a creative portal for artists and technicians to sell their wares as well as a great resource of information for affiliate marketing folks. And if you have just finished reading Tim Ferris’s book, “The Four-Hour Week,” you can even outsource some of your affiliate marketing or other tasks here, as well.

8. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a forum that features a live feed that shows the recent activity on the site. The site’s logo is, “where the elite affiliates live…” This site also offers a unique feature of helping you choose an interest (niche) area that will help you narrow down your focus. This is one of the critical elements of a successful blog when you are trying to carve a niche for yourself in affiliate marketing. Once you figure out a niche, you can build a website right on the site, attract visitors, and start earning revenue.

You can join the Wealthy Affiliate site free as a beginner, and there are plenty of tutorials to lead you through the process quickly and easily. If you become a paid subscriber, you will be able to take part in more aspects of the forum. You’ll find topics in SEO, PPC, WordPress, affiliate marketing, and video marketing, to name a few.

9. V7 Network

The V7 Network helps you learn the basics of affiliate marketing by teaching you how to focus in on your marketing skills and get your questions answered by experts who know their business. This site is chocked full of helpful tips for entrepreneurs and eCommerce site owners as well as affiliate marketers. Check it out and see what you think.

10. CPA Elites

CPA Elites is a marketing forum for people who want to own the market on “cost per action” campaigns. This goes hand-in-hand with PPC advertising, and you can gain quite a bit of knowledge on affiliate marketing using the CPA method here. The forum is nicely laid-out with a black background and white lettering (except for links), so it is easy to see either on the desktop or mobile devices. The “money bag” icon leaves a nice effect, too. They also have the topics nicely divided into unique sections that deal with some of the most critical issues in affiliate and online marketing today.

There is also an “open discussion” forum where you can talk about just about anything.

11. Wicked Fire

WickedFire quickly initiates you into their forum by stating the “rules of engagement” when you enter the site. It beckons you like a siren when you first enter the site and states that you must understand the rules before you can proceed to the rest of the site.

Experts are encouraged to browse around and pick and choose what you want, but beginners may be a bit perplexed at the wealth of information. You also need to work to establish yourself in the community and work on the forum gradually.

Once you get your bearings, you’ll find that Wicked Fire provides some excellent buy/sell areas that enable you to mix and mingle, pick up some vital tips for internet marketing success, and learn to apply some great ideas.

They offer a “suggestion box” for seasoned members who have some ideas on how to improve the site or what to focus on in the future.

12. SitePoint

SitePoint is known for its focus on design and programming. You’ll dive right into the design forums when you follow the link above and start checking out some of the great design tips. You’ll also find plenty of articles full of information on affiliate marketing that will increase your knowledge base in this important area.

If you are a writer or blogger, why not try submitting some original content to this forum. They take submissions dealing with design and coding. But just make sure and query them first, so you will know if they are interested in your proposed topic before spending the time writing the entire piece.

You can apply as a writer if you have some unique topic ideas and you can make up to around $150 or more per piece, especially if you submit a tutorial.

13. AffPlaybook

AffPlaybook (short for Affiliate Playbook), is another site worth mentioning if you are trying to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. The owner of this site suggests a tool called, “Aff Robot” which is a series of tools (not just one) that enables you to lead the field when it comes to affiliate marketing. The Aff Robot tools were built specifically for the Aff Playbook audience. Also, they say on the forum that at least one new tool is added each month so you can keep coming back to see what they will offer next.

If you want to know a few of the tools we found on their site, here’s a partial list:

  • Media buy spy tools
  • Mobile spy tools
  • Landing page builder
  • Plugin vault
  • Related keywords tool

For these tools alone, this site would be worth bookmarking if you are serious about building your affiliate marketing cash cow!


Other Resources

We thought we would also mention some great resources that we’ve found in our quest to find some of the best affiliate marketing blogs and forums for you to try. is an excellent all-in-one blog and forum that you should bookmark if you want to learn even more about how to create excellent SEO content and learn how to increase your rankings in the search engines. In addition, you’ll pick up several affiliate marketing techniques as well.

They have a list on one of their articles that lists the top 10 affiliate marketing sites, according to their staff, that they recommend marketers check out to increase their results. Check it out when you can and see what you can learn.

Another good resource you’ll want to bookmark is This site focuses on how to outsmart Google by keeping up with their algorithm changes and they post recent changes on their site. If you want further help with Google and how to rank, you can follow the posts available on digitalpointforums (listed in our top 12 list above).

The Art of Affiliate Marketing

After years of studying affiliate marketing, I discovered that affiliate marketing is an art. Like any other art, it takes some study to get good at it. If you want to master it, you will need to focus on it. This is not to say that affiliate marketing has to be everything you do or that you should neglect anything else. But spending the time to learn how to make it work may be worth it in the long run.

Check out any of the above forums to get started. You may be able to pick up your pace with affiliate marketing by learning some of the tips you’ll learn on the forums. Or perhaps you’ll even discover something unique yourself to contribute to the groups, as well.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works because it enables hundreds of people to promote the products and services of other businesses. Business owners are willing to pay people for promoting their brand because it results in obtaining leads and customers that they would not ordinarily reach. For the online eCommerce owner, it’s like having potentially thousands of sales representatives selling their products and services for them all over the internet.

The key to success is in finding the resources to learn how to do affiliate marketing, then applying the most important principles to your efforts. The key to a cash cow is to milk it regularly until it produces a regular income for you.

This does take time and patience so don’t give up. Perhaps someone reading this blog is the next Darren Rowse or Seth Godin. Perhaps it’s you! Be patient with yourself and try different things to discover what works for you.

Many of the tips and techniques that you can find on these forums can easily be implemented once you understand how to do it. So study it and you’ll find many tips that you can implement within your blog or websites to promote your affiliate marketing strategy. Everything you do can lead to success overtime but remember that nothing happens overnight. Be patient and learn as you go.

You’ll never know unless you try. So bookmark these top affiliate marketing forums and start making money tomorrow!