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In the 90s, Alicia Silverstone became a household name thanks to her role as Cher Horowitz in the hit movie “Clueless.” She continued to have success on the silver screen with films like “Batman & Robin” and “Beauty Shop.”

But Silverstone’s career has not been limited to acting. She is also a outspoken animal rights activist and environmentalist, recently releasing a book called “The Kind Diet” which promotes plant-based eating.

Silverstone has also made headlines for her unconventional parenting practices, including feeding her son pre-chewed food and practicing attachment parenting.

Overall, Silverstone continues to be a multi-faceted force in Hollywood, using her fame to bring attention to important issues and to challenge societal norms.

Alicia Silverstone’s Age, Height, and Bio

We are continuously updating our data to make sure that you get the latest and most accurate information on celebrities and social media stars. Alicia Silverstone is an American actress and producer. Here are the latest developments on Alicia Silverstone.

How old is Alicia Silverstone, and where was she born?

Born: October 4, 1976 (age 46 years), San Francisco, California, United States.

How much is Alicia Silverstone worth?

Net worth: $20 Million

Who is Alicia Silverstone married to?

Christopher Jarecki (m. 2005–2018)

What are some of Alicia Silverstone‘s most popular acting roles?

Clueless, the Crush, Blast From Past, Batman & Robin

How many children does Alicia Silverstone have?

Bear Blu Jarecki

What is the height of Alicia Silverstone?

Height 5′5″, Weight 126 lbs

What are Alicia Silverstones measurements?

Measurements: 33-24-34 inches

Alicia Silverstone Quotes on Life

Alicia Silverstone is known for doing multiple hit roles in movies, including Clueless, The Crush, and many more. She has a huge fan following who look up to her work. Here are some famous quotes by Alicia Silverstone.

  • “I think I can deceive people. I’m like, the nice, sweet girl when you meet me. And I don’t have any bad intentions. But I’m a bad girl too.”
  • “I don’t want to be known as the Aerosmith chick, but it’s fun to put on the boots and makeup and act like a tough girl.”
  • “Creative collaboration is awesome.”
  • “I don’t feel like a dream girl, but I think it’s really nice. I guess a part of me wishes I got that sort of attention in my real life. Because in my real life, I’m this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dog.”
  • “I never count calories, but I eat so well..”

Alicia Silverstone FAQ

How old was Alicia Silverstone when she filmed Clueless?

One of the few movies about high school students that mostly stars performers their own age is Clueless. At the time of the release, Donald Faison, Jeremy Sisto, and Breckin Meyer were all 21 years old. Both Brittany Murphy and Alicia Silverstone were 18 years old, and Murphy was the virgin who couldn’t drive.

Why did Alicia Silverstone become emancipated?

Silverstone made her acting debut when she landed the main role in the erotic thriller The Crush. She played a teenage girl who plots to ruin an older guy after he rejects her; to work the hours necessary for the film’s shooting schedule, she became legally emancipated at the age of 15.

Are Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd friends?

Since the release of their breakthrough picture, the two actors have maintained their friendship; in fact, Silverstone has made it a habit to wish Rudd a happy birthday every year.

Is Alicia Silverstone vegan or vegetarian?

Few public figures are as fervently committed to the vegan way of life as American actress Alicia Silverstone. After starring in the iconic 1995 movie “Clueless,” Alicia gained notoriety. After dabbling in vegetarianism since she was just 8 years old, Alicia became a strict vegan in 1998.

Alicia Silverstone Wiki

Born: October 4, 1976, San Francisco, CA
Spouse: Christopher Jarecki (m. 2005–2018)
Children: Bear Blu Jarecki
Height: 5′ 5″
Parents: Monty Silverstone, Didi Silverstone