Annabelle Wallis Net Worth – How Rich is Wallis in 2023?

Annabelle Wallis, a British TV actress, has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023. She has gained significant wealth through her successful career in the entertainment industry.

annabelle wallis net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Annabelle Wallis has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023.
  • She has built her wealth through her successful career in the entertainment industry.
  • Wallis is known for her talent as a TV actress.
  • Her financial success highlights her achievements in the industry.
  • Wallis’s net worth is expected to grow as she continues to pursue future projects.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Annabelle Wallis, born on September 25, 1984, in Oxford, England, embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry in the mid-2000s. Initially making appearances in the film “Dil Jo Bhi Kahey” and the TV series “Jericho,” Wallis paved her way to recognition and success.

Notably, she garnered attention for her portrayal of Jane Seymour in the TV series “The Tudors” and her role as Amy in the film “X-Men: First Class.” These early career milestones showcased Wallis’s talent and versatility, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Starting with humble beginnings, Wallis has since risen to prominence through her dedication and commitment to her craft. Her early life experiences and introduction to the entertainment industry have shaped her into the accomplished actress she is today.

annabelle wallis biography

“My journey in the entertainment industry began with a burning passion for acting,” Wallis reflects.

“I dreamt of bringing characters to life and captivating audiences with my performances. Every opportunity I had was a stepping stone towards achieving my goals, and I am grateful for the experiences that have molded me as an artist.”

To further explore Wallis’s fascinating career and contributions to the world of entertainment, continue reading the following sections.

Major Roles and Achievements

Throughout her career, Annabelle Wallis has graced both the big and small screens with captivating performances in a wide range of roles. Let’s take a closer look at some of her notable movies and TV shows.

Movie Roles

Annabelle Wallis has made her mark in the film industry with her talent and versatility. Here are some of her standout movie roles:

  • The Mummy: In this action-adventure film, Wallis stars alongside Tom Cruise as Jenny Halsey, an archaeologist who becomes entangled in a supernatural battle.
  • Silent Night: This horror-comedy film showcases Wallis’s ability to tackle diverse genres as she plays the lead role of Beth, a woman trying to survive a deadly family gathering during the Christmas holidays.
  • Tag: Wallis brings her comedic chops to the table in this comedy film, portraying the character of Rebecca Crosby, a journalist who gets caught up in a game of tag played by a group of friends.

TV Show Roles

Annabelle Wallis has also made a significant impact on the television landscape with her compelling performances. Here are some of her notable TV show roles:

  • Pan Am: Wallis takes on the role of Bridget Pierce, known as the “English Rose,” in this drama series set in the 1960s, following the lives of Pan American World Airways stewardesses.
  • Peaky Blinders: Wallis joins the acclaimed British crime drama series in its fourth season, portraying the character of Grace Shelby, a pivotal figure in the Shelby family’s business and personal affairs.
  • The Loudest Voice: In this limited series, Wallis portrays journalist Laurie Luhn, who becomes entangled in the scandal surrounding Roger Ailes, the former chairman and CEO of Fox News.

annabelle wallis movies and TV shows

These are just a few examples of the impressive roles Annabelle Wallis has taken on throughout her career. Her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft have allowed her to leave a lasting impact in both the movie and TV industry, and her future projects promise to further cement her status as a respected actress.

Personal Life and Relationships

Annabelle Wallis, apart from her successful career in the entertainment industry, has made headlines for her romantic relationships. Let’s take a closer look at her dating history and her past partners.

Annabelle Wallis’s Dating History

In the past, Annabelle Wallis has been linked to several high-profile individuals. She was in a relationship with musician Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band Coldplay. The couple dated for a brief period before parting ways.

Annabelle Wallis was in a relationship with musician Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band Coldplay.

Following her split from Chris Martin, Wallis was rumored to be involved with actor Jared Leto. However, neither Wallis nor Leto confirmed the speculation, and the rumored relationship remained unverified.

In subsequent years, Annabelle Wallis was romantically linked to model James Rousseau. The couple was seen together at various events and appeared to be in a committed relationship. However, their relationship eventually came to an end.

Wallis’s most recent known relationship was with actor Chris Pine. The couple was seen together on multiple occasions, including red carpet events and vacations. However, their relationship also ended, and Wallis is currently believed to be single.


Annabelle Wallis has had a colorful dating history, with notable relationships with Chris Martin, James Rousseau, Jared Leto, and Chris Pine. However, she is currently enjoying her single status as she focuses on her flourishing career in the entertainment industry.

Partner Relationship Period
Chris Martin Unknown
Jared Leto Unknown
James Rousseau Unknown
Chris Pine Unknown

Early Life and Education

Annabelle Wallis, the talented British TV actress, had a fascinating childhood that shaped her into the successful individual she is today. Born and raised in Oxford, England, Wallis experienced a unique cultural upbringing that left a lasting impact on her life and career.

At a young age, Wallis and her family relocated to Portugal, where she spent a significant part of her childhood. The exposure to a different language, culture, and way of life broadened her horizons and nurtured her curiosity about the world. Wallis’s time in Portugal undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her perspective and fueling her desire to pursue a career in the arts.

Upon returning to England, Wallis attended Saint Dominic’s International High School, where she further honed her skills in acting and performing arts. Recognizing her passion and talent, Wallis decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and enrolled in a prestigious drama school in London. This formal education in drama provided her with the necessary foundation and training to excel in her chosen profession.

The Impact of Early Life and Education

Wallis’s diverse upbringing and educational experiences have undoubtedly influenced her approach to acting and contributed to her success in the industry. The rich cultural background she gained from living in different countries has provided her with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of human emotions and behavior.

Furthermore, her formal training in drama has equipped her with essential skills in character development, improvisation, and stage presence. These skills have translated into her captivating performances on both the big and small screens, earning her recognition and acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

In conclusion, Annabelle Wallis’s early life and education have played a significant role in shaping her into the talented actress we know today. Her multicultural upbringing and formal training in drama have provided her with a solid foundation for her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Physical Appearance

Annabelle Wallis, known for her captivating on-screen presence, possesses a natural beauty that adds to her overall appeal. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, Wallis has a slender physique that accentuates her elegant presence. Her exact weight is not known, but her slender figure is a testament to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Wallis’s striking blue eyes are often regarded as one of her most alluring features. Combined with her blond hair, she exudes a sense of charm and charisma that captivates audiences. Her distinct physical attributes enhance her ability to embody diverse roles and bring characters to life on both the small and big screens.

“Annabelle Wallis’s physical appearance is a perfect blend of grace and allure, which contributes to her standout performances on screen.”

Having worked in various visually-driven industries such as film and television, Wallis understands the importance of maintaining her physical appearance. Her commitment to fitness and overall well-being is evident in her on-screen presence and the energy she brings to her performances. Whether portraying a strong, independent character or a vulnerable protagonist, Wallis’s physical appearance complements her versatile acting skills.

With her distinctly captivating physical features, Annabelle Wallis continues to make a memorable impact in the entertainment industry. Her presence on screen is not only a testament to her talent but also a reflection of her dedication to her craft and overall appearance.

annabelle wallis physical appearance

Family and Background

Annabelle Wallis comes from a supportive and talented family background. Her father, Arthur Wallis, is a successful businessman, while her mother, Marie Wallis, is a dedicated homemaker. Growing up, Wallis had a loving and nurturing environment that encouraged her artistic pursuits.

Wallis also has one sibling, a brother named Francis Wallis, who is a renowned director. With creativity running through their veins, the Wallis siblings have followed their passions and made significant contributions to the entertainment industry in their respective fields.

The Wallis Family

“We’ve always been a close-knit family, supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations,” Wallis once shared in an interview. “My parents instilled in us the values of hard work and perseverance, and that has played a significant role in our individual journeys.”

annabelle wallis family

Coming from a family with a deep appreciation for the arts, it is no surprise that Wallis found her calling in acting. The support and encouragement she received from her loved ones have shaped her career and contributed to her success in the entertainment industry.

Table: The Wallis Family

Family Member Occupation
Arthur Wallis Businessman
Marie Wallis Homemaker
Francis Wallis Renowned Director

The Wallis family’s support and belief in Annabelle Wallis have been crucial in her journey towards becoming a successful actress. Their collective talents and passion for the arts have been an inspiration to her, shaping her love for the craft and fueling her drive for excellence.

Hobbies and Interests

When Annabelle Wallis isn’t busy captivating audiences with her on-screen performances, she enjoys indulging in various hobbies and pursuing her personal interests. One of her favorite pastimes is dancing, which she considers both a form of artistic expression and a great way to stay fit. Whether it’s ballet, contemporary, or salsa, Wallis finds joy and fulfillment in the world of dance.

Another hobby that brings Wallis immense pleasure is horseback riding. She has a deep love for these majestic creatures and finds solace in spending time with them. Exploring the countryside on horseback allows her to connect with nature and experience a sense of freedom and serenity.

Wallis’s love for traveling also plays a significant role in her life. She embraces the opportunity to explore new destinations and immerse herself in different cultures. From exotic beaches to bustling cities, Wallis finds inspiration in the diversity of the world and believes that travel broadens her horizons both personally and professionally.

Annabelle Wallis enjoying horseback riding

Through her hobbies and interests, Annabelle Wallis showcases her passion for artistic expression, her appreciation for nature, and her curiosity about the world. These activities not only bring her joy but also contribute to her personal growth and well-being.

Financial Success and Wealth

Annabelle Wallis has experienced significant financial success throughout her career in the entertainment industry. As of now, her estimated net worth stands at approximately $4 million. Her income primarily comes from her work as a TV actress, where she has garnered a considerable following and earned recognition for her talent and versatility.

Wallis has achieved financial success through her notable roles in both TV shows and films. She has appeared in popular TV series such as “Peaky Blinders” and “Pan Am,” showcasing her acting skills and captivating audiences worldwide. Additionally, Wallis has been part of successful films like “The Mummy” and “Silent Night,” further contributing to her wealth.

With her financial stability, Wallis has been able to indulge in her passions and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. She has used her earnings to support her hobbies and interests, including dancing, horseback riding, and traveling. Her dedication to her craft and her financial success have allowed her the freedom to explore and pursue her personal interests.

“Financial success has given me the freedom to take on projects that I am truly passionate about. It’s a privilege to be able to do what I love and be rewarded for it financially. I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and for the support of my fans.”
-Annabelle Wallis

Wallis’s financial success serves as a testament to her talent and hard work in the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on new projects and expand her career, her net worth is likely to grow, further solidifying her status as a successful and wealthy actress.

Year Income Earnings Source
2021 $1.5 million TV Shows
2022 $1.2 million TV Shows and Films
2023 $1.3 million TV Shows, Films, and Endorsements

Note: The above income figures are estimates and may not reflect the exact earnings of Annabelle Wallis. These numbers are based on reported sources and may vary.

In conclusion, Annabelle Wallis has achieved significant financial success and wealth throughout her career as a TV actress. Her talent and versatility have earned her notable roles in both TV shows and films, contributing to her estimated net worth of $4 million. With her financial stability, Wallis has been able to pursue her passions and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while continuing to grow her career in the entertainment industry.

Future Projects and Career Outlook

Annabelle Wallis, with her exceptional talent and versatility, has several exciting future projects lined up, showcasing her promising career outlook in the entertainment industry. Her dedication and commitment to her craft have earned her recognition and opportunities to work on diverse and challenging roles.

Wallis is set to star in the highly anticipated film “Blackbird,” alongside renowned actors Kate Winslet and Susan Sarandon. The movie, directed by Roger Michell, tells the story of a terminally ill woman who gathers her family for one final reunion. Wallis’s involvement in this project highlights her ability to collaborate with esteemed industry professionals and contribute to compelling storytelling.

Additionally, Wallis will be showcasing her talent in the upcoming TV series “The Lady from the Sea,” which is based on Henrik Ibsen’s play. This project allows her to explore the depths of complex characters and engage with thought-provoking narratives. With her exceptional acting skills, Wallis is expected to captivate audiences and deliver memorable performances.

Future Projects Release Date
Film: Blackbird 2023
TV Series: The Lady from the Sea 2022

“I am thrilled to be a part of these exciting projects that push boundaries and challenge me as an actress. Collaborating with such talented individuals is an incredible opportunity, and I am eager to bring these characters to life on screen,” said Wallis.

With her future projects, Annabelle Wallis continues to establish herself as a versatile and sought-after actress in the industry. Her commitment to delivering compelling performances and her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles highlight her potential for long-term success. As she consistently takes on challenging projects and collaborates with renowned filmmakers, Wallis’s career outlook remains bright and promising.

Annabelle Wallis Future Projects

Contributions and Impact on the Industry

Annabelle Wallis has left an indelible mark in the TV and film industry through her exceptional contributions. With her versatile acting skills and captivating performances, she has captivated audiences worldwide. Wallis’s dedication and talent have not only entertained viewers but have also inspired aspiring actors.

One of her notable contributions is her portrayal of Jane Seymour in the TV series “The Tudors.” Her nuanced performance brought depth and authenticity to the character, earning her critical acclaim. Wallis’s ability to bring complex characters to life has solidified her reputation as a versatile and skilled actress.

Moreover, Wallis’s impact extends beyond her performances. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, she has used her platform to raise awareness about various social issues. Her advocacy work and involvement in charitable endeavors have made a positive impact on society, inspiring others to make a difference.

Annabelle Wallis’s contributions and impact on the industry have not gone unnoticed. She continues to break barriers and challenge norms, paving the way for future generations of actors. With her talent, passion, and influential presence, Wallis has become a role model for aspiring actors and a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.


What is Annabelle Wallis’ net worth?

Annabelle Wallis has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

When and where was Annabelle Wallis born?

Annabelle Wallis was born on September 25, 1984, in Oxford, England.

What are some of Annabelle Wallis’ notable roles?

Annabelle Wallis is known for her roles as Jane Seymour in “The Tudors” and as Amy in “X-Men: First Class.” She has also appeared in shows like “Pan Am” and “Peaky Blinders” and films such as “The Mummy” and “Silent Night.”

Who has Annabelle Wallis dated in the past?

Annabelle Wallis has been linked to musicians Chris Martin and Jared Leto, as well as model James Rousseau and actor Chris Pine. She is currently single.

Where did Annabelle Wallis grow up and go to school?

Annabelle Wallis grew up in Oxford, England, and later attended Saint Dominic’s International High School. She also attended a drama school in London to pursue a career in acting.

What is Annabelle Wallis’ physical appearance?

Annabelle Wallis is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a slim physique. Her exact weight is not known. She has blue eyes and blond hair.

Who are Annabelle Wallis’ family members?

Annabelle Wallis’ father, Arthur Wallis, is a businessman, and her mother, Marie Wallis, is a homemaker. She has one brother named Francis Wallis, who is a director.

What are Annabelle Wallis’ hobbies and interests?

Annabelle Wallis enjoys dancing and horseback riding. She also has a love for traveling and exploring new destinations and cultures.

How has Annabelle Wallis achieved financial success?

Annabelle Wallis has accumulated a net worth of $4 million through her successful career as a TV actress. Her notable roles and performances have contributed to her financial success and wealth.

What can we expect from Annabelle Wallis in the future?

Annabelle Wallis has upcoming projects that will showcase her skills and expand her career opportunities in the entertainment industry.

How has Annabelle Wallis contributed to the TV and film industry?

Annabelle Wallis has made significant contributions to the industry through her memorable performances and versatile roles. She has left a lasting impact on audiences and fellow actors.