Austen Kroll – Southern Charm Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Austen Kroll is a reality television personality who rose to fame on the Bravo series Southern Charm. He was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in business marketing. After college, he moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where he began working in the hospitality industry. He eventually landed a job as a bartender at one of the city’s most popular bars, The Alley. It was there that he met the cast of Southern Charm, and the rest is history.

Austen is known for his good looks and his outgoing personality. He is also known for his love of beer. In fact, he has his own line of craft beer called “Patio Pounders.” Austen is currently dating fellow Southern Charm cast member Madison LeCroy.

If you’re a fan of Austen Kroll, be sure to check out his line of craft beer, “Patio Pounders.” You can also follow him on social media to keep up with his latest news and adventures.

Austen Kroll
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Austen Kroll Net Worth

Austen Kroll is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Austen Kroll was born in Richmond, Virginia, and went on to graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in Business Administration. After college, he briefly worked in sales before moving to Charleston, South Carolina to pursue a career in the restaurant industry. He began working at a local brewery, and eventually became head brewer. He also began working at a bar, and eventually became co-owner. In 2015, he was cast on the Bravo reality series, “Southern Charm”. The show follows a group of wealthy socialites in Charleston. As one of the newest members of the cast, Austen has occasionally been the subject of ridicule, but he has also gained a large fan base. He is currently in a relationship with fellow “Southern Charm” cast member, Madison LeCroy. Together they have appeared on multiple spin-off series, including “Relationshep” and “Watch What Happens Live”.

While this may seem like a lot of money, it is actually relatively modest in comparison to some of his co-stars on “Southern Charm”. Thomas Ravenel, for example, has a net worth of $6 million. Shep Rose also has a healthy bank balance, with a reported net worth of $2 million. Cameran Eubanks, meanwhile, is thought to be worth a whopping $8 million. So, Austen Kroll is certainly not the richest cast member on “Southern Charm”, but he is doing alright for himself.

In addition to his work on “Southern Charm”, Austen Kroll has also made appearances on other Bravo shows, including “Watch What Happens Live” and “Relationshep”. He has also been featured in articles in magazines such as “People” and “Us Weekly”. Austen Kroll’s net worth is likely to increase in the years to come, as he continues to appear on television and build his brand.

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Austen Kroll FAQ

What does Austen Kroll do?

In season four of Southern Charm on Bravo, Austen Kroll became a cast member. In 2021, he made an appearance in Winter House, a crossover between Southern Charm and Summer House. In 2019, the founder of The Kings Calling Brewing Company released Trop Hop, a craft beer. 

Are Austen Kroll and Madison still together?

LeCroy and Kroll started dating in 2018, but they announced their breakup on Page Six in December 2020. After dating for seven months, she later moved on and proposed to Brett Randle in October 2021.

Did Austen hook up with Kristin Cavallari?

When Summer House’s sixth season debuted in January 2022, the recent past was quickly brought up. Lindsay Hubbard shockingly revealed that Craig, not Austen, had been hooking up with Kristin after the group of friends became friends on the Jan. 30 episode, shocking everyone—including Paige.

Are Austen and Ciara together?

According to Season 6 of Summer House’s trailers, Ciara and Austen might revive their romance. Although the show was shot in the summer of 2021, more recent interviews with them have confirmed that they are not dating. Both of them appear to be single at the moment, but they are willing to reconsider their relationship in the future.