7 Must Follow Black Friday Blogs to Find the Best Deals

Black Friday is one of the most exciting shopping days of the year, even if you aren’t a shopaholic in the first place. The fun used to begin right after Thanksgiving and stores would open at midnight… now stores are running Black Friday promotions and deals right after Halloween ends!

Right after Black Friday ends, we also have Cyber Monday and companies like Amazon are continually not only running the best deals on the internet, but they are also releasing them before the competition even starts!

So what are the best ways for you to stay ahead of your fellow shoppers and get the best deals possible? Through Black Friday blogs of course!

Blogs are completely changing the way we browse, research and find the best money saving discounts. Remember when we used to have to pick up the local newspaper and flip through actual flyers! Those days are long gone and best of all, we’ve laid out the best web sites and blogs for you to follow.

Let’s get started!

7 Must Follow Black Friday Blogs to Save Big Money

Whether you are looking for niche specific sales or online/offer, you will find exactly what you are looking for through at least one of these top Black Fridays sites below.

Black Friday Money Saving Blogs

Nothing beats saving money for the holidays… these 7 blogs will do just that!


When it comes to Black Friday, there is one site that always stands out from the crowd and they are a BFAds.net. In addition to using the timetable feature on their site, you can also sort by store and you may even find leaked ads being posted on this site before your local newspaper or anywhere else. This site is a must to add to your Black Friday shopping list.


Brad’s Black Friday Deals

Whether you are looking for Black Friday deals, ads or news… Brad’s Black Friday Deals has it listed. From product guides to the latest leaked Black Friday deals, not only is this site an amazing resource for every die-hard shopper, but it’s also extremely easy to navigate and they have Black Friday blog updates continuously being made to the site.


Deal News

With a full staff of over 100 different team members actively looking for the best deals and promotions and posting nearly 500 new Black Friday deals to the site daily, visiting DealNews is almost like having your own concierge. In comparison to other coupon and deal sites DealNews actually has a much wider range of product listings, expanding out into deeper areas such as Travel and also offering product guides to help you with your buying decision process.


Fat Wallet

One of the largest and most community driven coupon sites on the internet is Fat Wallet. When Black Friday comes around their site just explodes with new activity, traffic and contributions from their powerful community forums. If you are looking to get the best Black Friday deals sent right to your phone while you are out and on the go, they also have an App to keep you on your toes for that next big deal!



While Gizmodo isn’t known as being a shopping or coupon site, they’re focus definitely changed when the holiday shopping season and Black Friday is in the thoughts of tech geeks around the country. If you are in the market for a new tech tool or laptops, phones, video-game consoles and other cool gadgets to show off to your friends, you will want to keep Gizmodo’s most recent posts in mind.



Not only is NerdWallet a great financial and money saving tips site, they also have a full Black Friday section to their site as well. Get the best deals on Black Friday by sorting based on store name, signing up to receive email alerts and also using their search function to see what time retail stores are opening. On top of everything mentioned, NerdWallet also has new Black Friday related posts going live all the time!


The Verge

Get the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals all in the one place through The Verge. The writing and research team at The Verge is constantly searching for the latest and greatest deals online and making sporadic updates to this post as they come in. Check the top of the post for the most “Major Updates” on how electronics and tech gear.



Here’s an extra bonus resource for you… Yes, even Seventeen’s blog makes the list this year and they’ve done an excellent job at listing not only online promotions, but also the offline as well. Listed on the blog you will find specific dates, coupon codes and promotions… all in one simple page.


Are You a Super Shopper Who Loves Saving Money Online?

Black Friday is a very exciting time of the year not only for the brands and retail chains running their promotions, but also for the many coupon addicts and shoppers who love to share their money saving tips and coupons with others.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a blog of your own. It’s extremely easy to get started and there is no better way to build a brand and audience around what you are passionate about.

In this post I walk you through the exact process and show you how to get your blog up and running in less than 15 minutes! Happy Black Friday shopping!