2 Hacks to Get More Subscribers Without Getting More Traffic

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So your blog is starting to gain traction.

You start to see visitors coming to your site. You’re happy with those people who are visiting your site who could become clients and customers on the long run.

But then you start to see the visitors slip by your site one by one, and they’re all gone.

You wake up seeing more people visiting your site, but still they slip by your site. Only a very small percent of all those who visit your site will subscribe to your email list.

You may even additional more people by having a content upgrade.

But wait, there are far more people who you could grab on your list having them be your readers for longer time, maybe they become a client or customer giving you more that money.

You don’t need to increase your traffic number to achieve this.

All you need to play with is the second part of the equation, conversions. You need to increase your conversions to your email list.

If you get 100 visitors to your site and you have 5% conversion rate, you get 5 subscribers.

What if you get a whopping 500 visitors to your blog and you only get 1% conversion rate? you’ll have the same 5 subscribers. What if you could increase it to 5% as in the first case? You’ll get 25 subscribers, see the difference?

What if you could increase it to 20%, which is doable by the way, but needs work? how many subscribers will you get?

You get 100 subscribers.

All this from the same 500 traffic visitors you get.

Want to get those extra people on your list?

Of course, yes.

Here are 2 hacks to help you get those extra subscribers on your list.

Give them the chance to say no to your offer… the right way

If you see most of the popups, most of them will ask you to enter your email to grab the bribe they’re giving away for subscribers.

Most of us are familiar with those.

But what if you offer them a chance to say no, and show them what they’ll lose if they didn’t grab your bribe?

Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Well, you could do it.

When you ask people to grab your optin, ask them a yes/no question. If they answer yes, hopefully, they’ll be asked to enter their email address.

If they want to choose no, you could write below it how that will leave their problem as it…

So if you have a bribe that shows people how to get more conversions, increase their email list without the need to increase their traffic, you could tell them “No… I want to lose more potential customers and clients. I have a good amount of money that I’m willing to leave money on the table”

Of course, this is a long version, but you get the idea.

I love to use I, as readers will think of themself while reading it.

The secret behind why this works is that it makes them feel idiot… and no one want to feel so, right?

So what will they do? They’ll go and click yes, and you’ll get more people on your list.

2. Use Testimonials from your readers

You should treat email addresses as money. People are now shy of sharing their email address with new people.

They’re bombarded with emails every day.

The solution?

Show them that it is worth it.

You could keep talking about the benefits day in and day out, but they won’t trust you.

That is where testimonials come in handy.

People trust people. When they see others recommending your stuff. This will decrease their resistance to signing your blog.

So how do you get these testimonials?

If you see some of your audience emailing you thanking you for your content, you could email them back asking for a testimonial, and they’ll be happy to send you one.

Make it impossible to say no by asking them to write even one line.

Also, you could email your list asking for feedback, these will send you a good amount of testimonials in a short time.

If you still can’t get testimonials, you could email your commentators asking them for a testimonial.

I’m sure you’ll have some good testimonials.

After you’re done, add a testimonial to you optin form. If you use landing pages, you could add 2-3 testimonials to the landing page.

Last Words

You now know 2 hacks that could increase your email list.

All you need to do is take action once. The best part about these 2 hacks is that they take less than an hour both to be implemented, and no more action is needed from you.

So take action, and get more people to stick with you.


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