As we all know, email lists are the foundation of a successful authority site, more traffic, and it’s the source of money.

If you can’t believe it, check this post.

But if you’re reading this post, I’m sure you do believe in it.

I’m sure you’re working hard, making building an email list your number 1 priority and you want to get more subscribers, right?

You’re always looking for new traffic techniques, write more epic posts, network with a-bloggers, and do your best to get more subscribers.

So adding new things to the mix is hard, right?

But I consider this an essential for every blogger who write posts.

I’m  sure you’re wondering…


Why you should focus on

The secret for anything that works is to find out the 20% of the work that gets you 80% of the results, and do more of that work.

Content upgrades are considered one the 20% of the work that gets you 80% of the results.

So how to prove it?

Well, Brian Dean of Backlinko has mentioned that he was able to increase his conversion rate by 785% by just adding a content upgrade.

You could read more about this here.

Imagine that you could spend 5 more minutes to increase the conversion rate of your post by 7 times, forever.

Amazing, right?

I don’t say that you will see an instant 7x increase in your conversions, but I’m sure you’ll see a huge difference for that 5 extra minutes.

And that brings us to…

What is content upgrades?

Maybe, I jumped quickly into the why, but I wanted to grab your attention to continue reading this post 😉

So, after you knew why you should use content upgrades, let’s go back for a second and talk about what is content upgrades.

That name was coined by Brian Dean, and I really like this definition from Gael Breton of authority hacker:

A content upgrade is a complementary piece of information your readers can download in exchange for jumping through a hoop such as sharing the post or giving you his/her email address.

It is generally offered towards the end of the content so that it pushes the buttons of the most engaged readers who are eager to get as much information on the topic as possible as fast as possible.

Simply, it’s something that you offer to the reader of the post, that is highly specific to it, and ask people to opt-in to get it. So it’s a win-win situation.

Here is an example…

How to create a content upgrade?

I won’t talk about the technical part here, you could read this post to learn how to do it with mailchimp, and this to learn how to do it with leadpages.

A content upgrade as I said could take you 5 minutes and the benefits are huge.

Here are a simple technique you can apply to create a content upgrade, for any post you have, without much effort from you…

create a PDF of your post.

Sounds weird right? If people could see the post in front of them, why would they trade their email for a pdf.

When people see a remarkable post in front of them, hopefully, yours is a remarkable one, they would like to save it on their computer for access after that. This will be great to get people read your work more often, and trust you.

Sometimes, when your post is long, people will be happy to download the pdf to check the post after that, when they see that it could really help them. This is also another great opportunity to get more people to read your work, and see you as an authority.

Isn’t that convincing to let you spend that extra minutes to create a pdf of your post? I’m sure it’s, but if you’re worried about how to do it, then don’t worry.

It may just take you 5 minutes, even if you didn’t do it before.

Here is what you do.

  1. Open your post and select it.
  2. Copy it and then paste it in a new word document.
  3. Click ctrl+S and then click save as pdf, and name it.
  4. Upload it and grab that link, and you’re done.

You could read more about the technical step that you may need to know about to get your content upgrades sent to people after they enter their email.


I see that content upgrade is essential nowaday to start benefiting more from the words we write.

It’s even better when you write a guest post on bigger blogs and want to get that audience to your blog.

And best of all, it doesn’t take you 5 minutes to apply the above technique I shared with you.

So what are you waiting for to try it? Did you try it already? Share your opinion below.