An email signature is an opportunity, but not everyone sees it this way. Some people look at the massive amount of inane quotes that fill email signatures and see the signature as a nuisance. Others might simply find their inclusion redundant or unnecessary.

Allow us to convince you otherwise. A relevant and informative email signature can do wonders for your business. It allows you to take advantage of free space in your communication with clients by filling that space with information about you and your brand.

Email signatures have come a long way since the earliest days of email. The days of manually formatting that Gandhi quote are gone. Now, you can use an email signature generator to take the information you want to include and put it into a professional package.

We’ve reviewed the market of email signature generators. Here, we present a roundup of nearly a dozen of the best. Keep reading to find the generator you need to turn your email signature into a little work of marketing genius.

How They Work

Email signature generators offer a major step forward in simplicity. This is evident in how little work it takes to create your own.

Nearly every email signature generator works from the same building blocks.

There are several fields where you can input your information. These fields differ from generator to generator. They can range from basic contact info to social media links.

No matter what fields are available, all you need to do to use most signature generators is enter the information into the fields you want to appear in your email signature. Then, simply copy and paste the HTML the signature generator offers you, and you’re ready to start your new era of email.

You can create your new email signature in less than a minute in many cases.

The Benefits of Using an Email Signature Generator

Simplicity is only the beginning of the benefits that come from using an email signature generator. There are many more. We’ve highlighted a few below.


A well-formatted email signature brings a professionalism to your communication that is not available when you use standard email signatures or emails without signatures. If you’re in the beginning phases of your business, you can take a big step up in your presentation by using a sleek email signature.


Many email signature generators offer you the ability to create multiple signatures, though some require paid accounts depending on how many signatures you want to create. By standardizing the email signatures across your company, you present a unified front to clients.

Consistency is a part of professionalism, but we think it’s worth emphasizing how much of a difference it can make in your sales. When clients see that their communication with everyone in your business features the same formatting, it makes you all look good. A polished email signature functions as e-letterhead in this way.

This is also true no matter what email solution you are using. From Gmail to Outlook, or even your own in-house domain or email service, adding a signature footer to all of your mailings is the best way to be consistent across the board.

Increased Leads

Since we mentioned it, let’s talk about sales. Your email signature can increase your sales when you include the right links.

What are the right links for you? That depends on your business. A few answers to that question include links to social media profiles, direct product web addresses, and links to sales on your products and services.

Those links will lead to clicks, and more clicks mean more sales for you.

More Replies

When’s the last time you responded to a spam email? Never? How much of that has to do with the subject line, and how much of it has to do with the formatting of the email itself.

We’d guess you may not have considered the formatting of the junkiest emails in your inbox. But if you go back and look at them, you’ll notice their sloppiness across the board.

Thus, it stands to reason that clean emails get more and better responses. A client is more likely to respond to an email that shows thought and care taken in its creation. This allows your business to flow more smoothly.


A good email signature generator will give you plenty of options when it comes to design, and they’ll all look equally professional.

Each of these companies offers multiple templates for their signatures. The best companies have tested all of their templates on every major email client, from Gmail to Outlook. They’ll even come across clearly on mobile devices.

11 Email Signature Generators You Should Check Out

We’ll stop delaying your gratification and cut to the chase. Below are 11 email signature generators that represent the variety of high-quality options available in the field. Your mileage with each one will vary based on your needs, but we have no doubt you’ll find at least one that fits your business.

1. Designhill

Designhill has snagged features in publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc., and Entrepreneur. This coverage makes sense when you consider the elegance of most of their templates.

Designhill is easy to use right on the company’s homepage. One of its coolest features is a custom-designed call to action you can add to the bottom of your signature, in addition to the traditional contact info and links to social media profiles.

2. Signature Creator

Signature Creator bucks the trend of other email signature generators by generating an actual signature. Signature Creator users are not obsessed with the most modern, cutting-edge look. They want something classy, and that’s exactly what SC delivers.

Signature Creator generates signatures on its own servers, and these signatures get automatically deleted after 15 minutes. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep returning to the site to get your signature, as long as you save the image directly to your desktop after making it the first time.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot, like Designhill, offers a call to action in its signatures. With HubSpot, your CTA can even be an image.

HubSpot signatures work within multiple email providers, including Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. They include a variety of available colors, fonts, and themes.

HubSpot is perhaps most famous for its CRM software. It’s appropriate that a company so invested in logging as much information as possible would also offer signature fields to include technology certifications you’ve earned from HubSpot Academy. We love a good university.


Just like its URL, is straightforward and easy to use. The company offers step-by-step instructions for creating your signature, which then connects to your email platform.

5. ZippySig

If you’re looking to create signatures for everyone in your office, ZippySig might be the solution for you. There are thousands of options between social media icon variations, layouts, and fonts. There are also custom banners and changing field labels.

The reason ZippySig is such a good mass email signature generating solution is that the company offers thorough and responsive technical support and a user-friendly dashboard.


NEWOLDSTAMP offers an annual subscription service to its premium members. This allows users not to deal with ads while making use of the fully customizable fonts, promotional banners, and social icons available from NEWOLDSTAMP.

There’s no additional software needed with NEWOLDSTAMP, as you can create and share all of the signatures you create online.

7. Growth Mail

Growth Mail makes marketing the focus of its signatures. The company’s signatures function as advertisements for your business in an even more explicit way than signatures from the other companies on this list. The way the company does this is by including a slick banner ad at the top of emails you send with your signature.

8. Wisestamp

Wisestamp’s numbers speak for themselves. More than 650,000 business professionals use the service to create custom email signatures.

Wisestamp only offers links to social media profiles like the other services, but it also allows users to attach photos from Instagram to their signatures.

9. MySignature

MySignature is optimized for mobile use. If most of your business emails are sent from your smartphone, MySignature may be the email signature generator that is the best fit for you.

The company also offers built-in analytics that allows you to see how well your images, banners, and links are performing in terms of clicks.

10. HoneyBook

Most email signature generators require around a minute to use. HoneyBook reduces that time by half.

You can create your HoneyBook signature within 30 seconds because the company simplifies its process. You fill out two forms while creating your HoneyBook email signature, and then you choose between eight templates.

This might not be the solution for someone who needs the maximum number of options but don’t underrate this combination of speed and simplicity.

11. Email Signature Rescue

There is no HTML involved in Email Signature Rescue. The service hosts its signatures online, where you can retrieve them at any time.

ESR is integrated with more than 45 email providers, and it offers integration with Google Analytics to track the performance of your emails.

Sign on the Virtual Line

We hope this guide to the world of the email signature generator has given you inspiration. This is an underutilized tool for spreading brand awareness, and we hope you take advantage of it.

Once you’re ready to spread your wings beyond email signatures, check out our services for creating your company’s blog.

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