Looking for Free Author Box WordPress Plugins? Check These Out!

In the last few years, the free versions of the author box plugins exclusively for the WordPress have become quite popular. They have emerged with the changing trends and more of them are to flood the market soon. Most of the premium themes available today can be found with the inclusion of the author box. If your theme is one of them that really are going without this amazing functionality, then you may be looking for one of the plugins from the list that we have got to mention below in order to get your problem fixed.

There is lot that an author box, which is well designed, has to do with the brand image of your website. It also contributes in fetching guest Bloggers and brings quality contributors to your own website. If you are looking for best author box plugins that can help you manage things on the go then we believe we have brought you to the right place. That is how you can also help yourself in managing the author info box.


Fancier author box

It is considered to be one of the best and the most popular author box WordPress plugins in use today. This is the plugin that has been created by two of the most talented developers Slobodan manic and Dragan Nikolic. They are capable of giving identity to both single as well as multi-author websites in WordPress. It is an amazing solution for the users in the current time and the good thing remains that the free version too offers plenty of promising features which means you have got all the reasons to explore more. Leading design blog like WebDesignerHub and its likes are using this author box plugin.

You also get the pro version that offers you more promising and advance features. You also get the extra social networking tabs with the premium version. We suggest you to check out its premium version if you are keen on having your on-hands experience with the exclusive premium features.


WB Biographia

With this, you are free to add some amazing biography to your RSS feeds, pages, posts archives and lot more. The good thing is that these are ‘customised’. This is also known to support the custom posts and it fetches information from the profiles of each user. If you have been concerned about not showing author box on each page or post then this is one of the most useful and great plugin that can meet most of your requirements.

Example: http://www.crazely.com/article/5-strategies-use-psychology-boost-sales/

Social author bio

This adds the author bio along with the avatar of the author and that too right along with the custom social icons and several built in features. With this, you get an author box that is integrated with the Google+ authorship. It also ensures that your Google+ avatar is visible in the search results. You can also adjust the size of the avatar and do lot more with some of the exclusive features that this has got to offer to you.

Author box reloaded

This can be said and identified as something that stands lot more similar to the social author bio plugin. You will see that below the text an author box has been added by this plugin. It is going to show what we call a basic author box and that won’t be without an author bio and author avatar too. With the help of author box reloaded pack, you get the chance to add the social media icons too. However, you must keep in mind that this is one plugin that really doesn’t have Google+ authorship mark-up.

Custom about author

Now this is one plugin which is got to be completely different when compared with the other plugins that have been listed here. You can freely add custom author box and for this you really don’t have to create the user accounts which means no extra exhaustion for the little work required. It is possible to configure the custom profiles and it can also include the social media links such as that to Facebook, twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

With so many amazing choices to pick up from, we are sure you are going to get to the best! Look out for what your competitors are doing; your decision is only going to make it sound better.