With over two million apps to choose from, it’s safe to say that it can be overwhelming! In the world of Mac and Apple users, there are thousands of sites to find the best information, resources and tools for anything you could possibly need to improve your online browsing and blogging experience.

As a mac blogger, you need to download these apps to make the most of your blogging experience. Instead of telling you which Apple sites are best, we are going to provide you with some of the best resource guides and references in the article content below.

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WordPress App

If you blog with WordPress, you absolutely need to have the official Mac app. The app uses Jetpack’s plugin and helps you keep track of your views, visitors, likes, comments, and more straight from your desktop.

Incognito Mode and VPN

Learning how to open an incognito tab and downloading a VPN can help with blog research and planning.

A VPN is a virtual private network that will help protect your data and identity when using public wifi networks such as in airports or coffee shops. Additionally, when purchasing big items like plane tickets, searching in incognito mode with your VPN set to different countries can help you find the best deal around.


If you’re blogging from a WordPress site, Blogo is a must-have app. It allows you to blog offline and publish directly from your desktop. What’s more is that you can sync it up with your iPhone or iPad, add images, featured images, and preview everything in the final published form.

This is especially beneficial for travel bloggers or those who are constantly on the move. You can finally blog while on a plane or in an airport with bad wifi and get everything just right so that the next time you do have wifi, all you need to do is hit publish.


This completely free Mac app helps you find broken website links. Checking for and fixing broken links is absolutely essential to getting your website to rank through search engine optimization.

While there are free WordPress plugins that check for broken links, if you’re on a shared server (which you most likely are if you’re through the big website hosts like Blue Host, Host Gator, or Go Daddy), these plugins can actually cause your website to crash.

This is where Integrity is incredibly useful. You simply input that URL of your site (or another site if you’re trying to link build through finding broken links) and Integrity checks for 400+ broken links in less than a minute.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is the industry standard for all things photography and digital design. Even if you’re not a photographer or designer by trade, the Adobe Creative Cloud apps should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Lightroom is not only a fantastic photo editing tool, but it’s also incredibly powerful for organizing your photographs. As a mac blogger, visuals are incredibly important and Lightroom presets (photo filters) are also a major way that bloggers make money. Start learning this tool today to improve the visuals on your site, improve your photo organization, and start earning passive income!

Photoshop is another incredibly powerful tool. Although it’s not used quite as frequently as Lightroom by many bloggers, it’s still incredibly useful to have on hand and if you want to really edit the fine details of your photographs, Adobe Photoshop is a must-have.

Vlogging is just as popular as blogging these days, and having powerful video editing software is the difference between a mediocre Youtube video and one that goes viral. Premiere Pro is an industry-standard software and learning it will not only improve your vlogs but it’s also a great skill to add to your resume!

Finally, Illustrator is a tool that you need to have if you’ve ever planned on creating ebooks, top quality pamphlets, or even want to rework your website design, Adobe’s Illustrator is an essential app for every mac blogger.


As a blogger, you easily spend upwards of 10 hours per day on any given day staring at your computer screen.

As trendy as blue light glasses are, there’s really no need to spend the money when you can download free software like Flux that eliminate blue light based on the sunrise and sunset times of your current location.

When you eliminate blue light at certain times of the day, you’ll feel less eye strain and you’ll find yourself sleeping better. You can easily turn of Flux when you’re editing photos or videos so that what you see on the screen is actually what you get if you print your images.

You can also download Flux for your iPhone or iPad.

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro costs $36 but it’s well worth it for the hours that you’ll save! This app lets you automate tasks by keyboard commands.

For example, let’s say that you’re constantly opening a document with your bank statements. You can set up Keyboard Maestro to know that when you press a certain key combination that it needs to open that document.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Keyboard Maestro can help you with complicated workflows. If you’re on a webpage and you want to copy a piece of text to put in your newest blog post, you can set up Keyboard Maestro to do this:

  • You copy a piece of text
  • Paste the text in a txt file
  • Highlight the text
  • Go back to the webpage and copy the page link
  • Insert the link back in the text
  • Copy everything again

So when you go to your blog post to paste, you’ve already got the link to the webpage embedded and you can continue typing, no need to worry about formatting.

This really is a powerful tool and although it will take time to set up, once you do you’ll be saving yourself hours in menial tasks.

Grow Your Mac Blogger Skills Today

These seven apps are sure to help you improve your Mac blogger skills tenfold!

Download and give them a try today. If you’re ready to keep improving your blogger skills, keep reading! We’ve got all the resources that you need to find success in the blogosphere.