The Impacts of Blogging

Blogging has stretched beyond entertainment and communication and now impacted into political modern and social life. It should be viewed as a global success rather than being termed as advancement in technology and innovation. Three main areas that have been impacted through blogging are education, politics and libraries.


Blogging has played a major role in education. It has being used in high schools and universities for story telling, dialogue, sharing of information, discussions and also during research. Blogging has created many opportunities for advancing in education and language development. The format of blogs is similar to that of a personal diary, where autobiographical events and recounting tales is customary, blogs usually provide a basis where creativity and self expression are encouraged.

Since blogs are personal and are done in groups, they permit bloggers to express themselves. By doing this the author can create content that is highly personalized whereas allowing students to have a connection with any online community, they get an opportunity of commenting and provide feedback to all other students who go the chance to read the blog.

The scalability and flexibility of blogs have quickly evolved and affected different fields of study like schools, individuals, communities and others. Due to quick emergence of blogging, reading and writing has been promoted making the work of students to be easier and diverse. Students have the chance to read on the topics they missed during the classes and the teacher will be able to remember the progress from the last session.


The onset of blogging politics has been possible in that many political candidates get access to their followers through their blogs. At this point, politicians get the opportunity of interacting with their followers closely. When blogs first appeared they were used in politics which made many people refer blogs as “political blogs.” Blogging has done a lot in shaping politics especially in the West. Politicians also refer to quotes from other politicians by writing a blog. Politicians also do their campaign by posting their views and opinions on their blogs. Different competing parties also have their own blogs whereby they give their manifesto. This manifesto is updated regularly to keep his or her followers up to date.

When a political party wants to share its opinions with other political parties, it uses blogs, which plays an important role in ensuring their interaction and exchange of ideas. This is done faster from different diverse areas in the country.


Blogs have entered in the field of librarianship in different ways. This has allowed for expansion of libraries in terms of resources and has been a convenient way in which library staffs communicate with one another thus spreading their message to a wider base. For instance, a well developed university with a lot of resources and experienced library staff can host a blog and other universities to take advantage of the blog hosting and comment on different services allowing them to communicate with their colleagues.