Top 10 Tips for Blogging At Home

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Every day, thousands of bloggers starting a new blog to write about what interests them, share information with others, or simply to express what they have to say. Many of them start their first blog, some already have a few facts and established.  This entry is aimed at both groups of bloggers and all those interested in the topic of blogging. Here are the top 10 tips for Blogging at home:

1. Plan well. 

If you are in the planning phase of your blog, do it right. There are people who start a blog without thinking about whether they have enough time to maintain it, or spend a minute to think about possible topics for tickets.  The phase before posting the first entry is the most important phase because it determines if your blog is going to survive the first year. Plan it all, the main theme of your blog, 20-30 subjects for the first innings, where do you get the pictures, who else could help with tickets or information, how long a day you can devote to your blog, etc..  The results of this phase will be very useful in the early months of your blogging.

2. Get The Top Hosting. 

If you just want to write three inputs to test how it’s blogging, join blogger or – there you can create a blog in no time and completely free. It will charge either by the hosting, not by the subdomain you get.  However, if you’re serious about your plans to create a blog and you intend to keep for a long time, just use it as a reference from your experience etc., Recommendation for you is to paying 3 or 4 euros a month to have your own web hosting and your own domain.  Click here to see the top hosting companies in the world.

3. Choose a Platform 

As for me there is no platform for discussion: . In my experience it is the best free platform there, and the community that keeps this tool is incredibly productive.  There are lots of plugins and themes that can integrate and installed so cinch, and a large number of users on wordpress forums will be happy to help you with your questions.  You can download it free at – then extracted, climbs onto a website and installed data giving the MySQL database.

4. Write Daily Posts 

Post entries is the most important quality, especially at first. If you havetickets helpful, your readers will return, will subscribe to your RSS feed, your newsletter, will recommend to their own blogs or speak of your posts in various forums.  In addition, Google also molan more good entries with keywords and links to more information.

5. The Collection of Titles  

At first you should write at least 5 innings before putting your blog online.Furthermore, it should be like 5-10 and planned to publish entries in the first days. As usually the beginning of a blog can be a little stressful, it’s okay not to have to worry about the entries in the first days.  So you can concentrate on promoting your blog, twitter , forums and other blogs for people to gradually get to know you and your blog. Besides the planned inputs 5-10 for the beginning, you should make a list of 20 titles on which to write. This list not only comes in handy for times when you lack inspiration for new content, but also because it can help you get to certain topics not make this list of 20 titles and maybe want to change the theme of your blog a little.

6. Study Your Competitors 

The blogosphere is a great community of bloggers who are supporting each other, give advice, help with problems, etc.. – But at the end of the day, if there are two blogs about car tuning, the two bloggers want people to come to visit yours. Therefore it is well known competitors, follow blogs that have the same or similar subject, perhaps even participate in the discussions there or establish a relationship with the blogger to exchange items (articles of guests).

7. Write More Posts  

Do not underestimate the time you need to be a big boy blog. When you can, write tickets and leave them in the drafts of your platform. Always weeks giving you very little time, as you go on vacation and do not want to blog on the beach or in the mountains – if you have 10-15 then unpublished entries can set to be published on certain days and so your readers may not even realize that you are not available.

8. Clever Titles 

For visitors to remember the title of your blog should be short, if a compound title should not consist of more than two words, and the desired domain for your blog to be available yet. Many bloggers choose a domain made to have any keyword in the domain because search engines can give you an advantage. If you blog about cars, for example, the blog should be called,,, etc.

9. Choose Three Colors 

In terms of design, the principle would not worry too much about the design of your blog. If you choose a platform known, there will be plenty of themes (designs) available free. Advise for you is to only choose 3 colors for the design of your blog then you can also use for a logo, a banner, etc. Why three? Because color is bland, two colors can give a blog a particular style, but are still bland. With three colors have enough potential to create any logo, design, banner and more.

10. Be Patient  

What is most needed at first is to have patience.  Post frequently, at least 3-5 entries a week of medium or long extension so that search engines have something to scan and watch your stats after a month to see how it goes. The blogs are maintained for years, so even the most well-known bloggers took years to succeed with their blogs.  For a list of guest posting sites to help your blog go to the next level, click here.





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