Affiliate marketing has quickly found itself as one of the most powerful means of advertising and generating sales online. With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, it’s no surprise that many of these sites are generating revenue through the use of affiliate marketing and paid advertising.

The concept of affiliate marketing is quite simple. A website owner, blogger or affiliate marketer can join an affiliate program for a specific website and then promote their offers or products, while also earning a commission in the process. It’s free to join an affiliate program, and some of the largest brands in the world like Amazon, Dell, Apple and eBay all have affiliate programs of their own.

Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Blogs on the Internet Today

Now that you have a basic idea on how the concept of affiliate marketing works, it’s time to look through some of the most popular websites and blogs relating to the topic. Each of the blogs below are unique in their own way, as some might just be individual affiliates running the site, or they might be representative of a network or brand. No matter what type of blog you visit below, you can rest assured that each of them will provide you with value and their own unique way of how to find success with affiliate marketing.


Leadbit Blog

Leadbit is one of the top affiliate networks in the world today, with much of their interest and offers focused on world-wide countries and distribution. With access to thousands of affiliates, advertisers, and offers, they have plenty to offer in reference to information, guides, case studies, campaign tutorials and more — all of which can be found through their affiliate marketing blog. While many affiliate networks have a blog of their own, Leadbit’s is unique in not only how they create their content, but also the visuals, personalization and fun way to learning they offer as well. Some of the best content on their blog is can be found on affiliate campaign overviews and how to expand your reach into new regions, countries and traffic sources around the world.

John Chow

John Chow is the owner of the popular blog. He made a name for himself by showing entrepreneurs and bloggers how to earn over $40,000 per month in only two years. While no one can promise this kind of results in every case, if you follow many of the tips that John Chow offers, you may see better results than anything else you have tried. This is a great blogging site that you will want to bookmark and come back to. He offers SEO tips for bloggers and he also periodically goes over some affiliate program reviews so readers can decide which ones are the best for them. Check this site out for inspiration or to make lists of possible affiliate businesses to add to your prospect list.

Charles Ngo

If you’ve never heard of Charles Ngo, you’re in for a real treat. He is an accomplished online blogger and affiliate marketer who is highly skilled at building systems that will turn any blog into a cash machine. His techniques are not some “fly-by-night” idea but rather they are based on tried-and-true methods of automated the affiliate marketing process to build real affiliate marketing systems that pay off. He also focuses in on the finer details and everyday actions that help you keep sight of your long-term goals. He sends weekly emails to his subscribers which add to the value and he has helped many affiliate marketers channel in on the details to be successful.

ShoeMoney Blog

Jeremy Schoemaker is the author and manager of the ShoeMoney blog, which focuses on valuable tips regarding affiliate marketing. From the basics of internet marketing to advanced search engine optimization, readers can benefit from all of the helpful tips and techniques that help launch and automate the affiliate marketing process. Take a look at Jeremy’s blog if you have a desire to figure out how to win in the affiliate marketing game. He shares many of his best tips in this comprehensive blog and search engine techniques.

Zac Johnson

Wait until you see what all Zac Johnson has rounded up on his blog. You’ll find over 1,000 articles about affiliate marketing based on real-life experience from real marketers. They share their successes and failures and you’ll discover new trends and resources that are sure to help you stay on track with your business and affiliate marketing goals. If you want to find a blog that will keep paying off for you, you will see that you will want to consider bookmarking this one since it has so many articles and resources on the topic of affiliate marketing. Look and see what you can find if you are in need of advice on how to get started in this industry.

Peerfly Affiliate Marketing Blog

You’ll find timely tips, affiliate news and events, and lots of ways to stay ahead of the trends with your affiliate marketing plans. Luke Kling is the owner and blogger of this site and he shares the personal insight he has developed through real experience and shares his results with various affiliate techniques.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

If you are lost in the sea of affiliate options, this site will help you to lasso in the best ideas to get started with your own affiliate marketing plan. You can use this blog to view and evaluate the various affiliate programs that are worth taking a second look at. Lots of times, affiliate marketers don’t know where to start. But this site and blog will give you a detailed view of many of them in one place, so it takes much of the guesswork out of the process. One of the blog sections features a “State of the Affiliate Marketing” area that takes a deep dive into the affiliate marketing industry and focuses on the year ahead. So this would be a great blog to bookmark if you are already making plans for the next year regarding your internet marketing goals.


Mobidea has grown from an affiliate network, to also being a reliable source of news and information through their Mobidea Academy blog as well. With new content being added to the affiliate blog weekly, there are plenty of resources available to help affiliates, marketers, and brands of all sizes. Some of the most valuable content on the site can be found in their online guides and affiliate tutorials. They also have interviews with some of the top affiliate marketers in the world today, while also providing trend posts on the best ways to make money online, or even where to find new traffic sources.

Sugar Rae

Sugar Rae is a professional affiliate marketer who takes pride in his affiliate marketing site and blogs about it regularly. His goal is to help aspiring affiliate marketers and publishers to design a strategy for success. If you want to better understand SEO (search engine marketing), blogging, and affiliate marketing topics, this blog would be a good one to save. Affiliate marketing is one of those seemingly elusive types of businesses that many think they cannot be successful in. But there is a formula for success called “hard work” that many affiliate marketers have figured out. The ones who have figured it out successfully are the ones you should be following if you have a desire to make a lucrative passive income that keeps paying off time after time.

Finch Sells

Finch Sells announced in 2016 that he was not going to post new content. However, the content that is still on the site is so valuable that it is worth taking a look at. It features a section of ‘paid traffic’ affiliates that will let you take a look at some of the ways that you can get paid traffic and invest smartly in PPC advertising. The main page of the site shows an example of a post about hair implants and serves as an example of how thorough an effective affiliate marketing blog can be. You can click on the Affiliate Resources link at the top navigation and you’ll find a huge and comprehensive list of other affiliate marketing blogs to help you figure out how to manage yours. This site is very comprehensive once you get past the hair transplants section so check it out if you are planning an affiliate marketing strategy.

AM Navigator

If you are hungry for interviews, tips, and trends regarding affiliate marketing, you’ll find a lot of value when visiting this site. You will see product reviews and tips and trends, among other things that are told from a unique perspective. Industry leaders also share their insight into what works for them regarding affiliate marketing whether they are on the publisher or the producer’s side. Finally, this blog tends to focus on the future of affiliate and internet marketing, as well. So this is a great way to look into the crystal ball of the experts and see what might be lurking in the future regarding affiliate marketing.


ClickNewz follows the life of Lynn Terry who is known as one of the most successful bloggers, super affiliate marketings, and SEO experts. He has been in the business of marketing for more than 18 years and he offers lots of sound tips and reviews that are focused on helping her readers establish success in their online businesses. In addition, she gives you tips and ideas on what will make your affiliate marketing strategy a success. Check out Lynn’s blog if you are a beginner or intermediate affiliate who wants to learn what tips work best with this potentially lucrative career. Even if you just want to try it on a limited scale, this blog can help you achieve your goals.

Affiliate Tip

This blog is lead by affiliate marketer and blogger, Shawn Collins. He is an expert in affiliate marketing and also the co-founder of a leading conference on the topic of affiliate marketing. The conference is known as “The Affiliate Summit.” He also has an active affiliate TV channel on YouTube. If you are looking for more visual content to help you channel your affiliate marketing goals, you may want to check out this blog.

Missy Ward

Missy Ward has lots of insights into the affiliate marketing world, which she shares on her blog. She is the other half of the Affiliate Summit, which she co-founded with business partner, Shawn Collins in 2003. It is a privately-held media company with multi-millions in assets and they are in the business of helping other affiliate marketers through their live events, confere3nces, and tradeshows, all on the topic of successful affiliate marketing techniques. So you could say that Missy and Shawn are affiliate marketing experts. Some of their content has been featured on and FeedFront Magazine. Missy Ward is known for sharing some of her own opinions and personal insights, as well as some industry standards.

Adam Reiner Marketing

Adam Reimer’s marketing blog features tons of information that have helped affiliate marketers create a plan for success in affiliate marketing. He is an industry leader who frequently shares his knowledge in the Affiliate Summit (hosted by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins), and has also made public appearances in other ares such as Pubcon and Think Tank. Reimer has also had several articles published in other magazines and news sites regarding marketing and SEO techniques for affiliates. Check out the many resources on this blog and see what you can learn. It just might inspire you to make your own fortune or to research further into this lucrative activity.


In case you have never heard of FMTC, they are an affiliate marketing blog that takes pride in aggregating their content about affiliate marketing to make it available for affilate marketers and bloggers. They offer a host of valuable and useful tools that affiliates and bloggers can utilize to develop their own cash machines through the magic of affiliate marketing. FMTC started as a software company that was designed to fix coupons and then to categorize them into organized groups that would serve as a portal site for marketers across the globe. Their system works by compiling data and gives you all of the information you need accompanied by lots of different lists that are helpful to anyone who wants to maximize their results. They also offer lots of contacts that you can start with to connect with to start your affiliate marketing campaigns so you won’t have to pool several resources to do this.

Affiliate X Files

If you are just staring out in the affiliate marketing world, this might be the best blog for you. It is hosted by Ron Cripps and it is targeted to beginners in affiliate marketing. There is a plethora of free content that you can use to maneuver around the affiliate marketing realm until you get your training wheels off. Find information on the basics of how to get affiliates, how to become a publisher of affiliate content, and much more. There is also information on keywords and strategies to help you find the right key words to increase your conversions. If you are a new affiliate marketer, bookmark this site and return often to see what new tips they offer.

Work in My Pajamas

Sometimes a hobby becomes a job. That’s what happened to Kim Rowley, the owner of this helpful blog on affiliate marketing. She started out by clipping coupons for a hobby in 1999 and started getting paid for her efforts when she started getting companies to pay her for promoting their products on her site. Now she is even more successful and she owns a host of different websites that make her money while she sleeps. She enjoys working at home and is happy that she can share her easy lifestyle with others. If you are a business person who is tired of the rat race, Kim will show you how to shed your business suit for your pajamas and turn a few dollars into a few thousand.


Affiliate Marketing Plan is a blog that offers a host of different advantages to the affiliate marketer. Whether you have been blogging for awhile now or are just starting out, this portal site for affiliate marketers will teach you the important basics of affiliate marketing and show you how to make connections that will pay off. There is great content for all on this site and it is also quite professional-looking and organized. If you want to get into affiliate marketing but do not know where to start or if you just need some extra tips to add to your knowledge base, bookmark this site to learn more.

Amazon Associates

This affiliate marketing blog put up by Amazon Associates is perhaps one of the oldest blogs online regarding affiliate marketing. We say this because Amazon was one of the first businesses to realize the power of affiliate marketing when they first started their marketing plan and figured out a way to grow to the colossal giant of a company that they are today. If you want to be an Amazon affiliate, you will find links to look into this unique opportunity and you’ll also find affiliate discount codes you can use for special offers on some of their best products. The Amazon Associates account will allow you to create a cash cow that is directly tied to Amazon’s products so that you can make money off of a portion of every sale. Many people have discovered the potential of this program and you can find out more here.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s blog about passive income is a lifestyle blog more than just an affiliate marketing site. But it’s definitely worth bookmarking for later. You’ll find specific information about affiliate marketing as well as a host of other topics that will add to your business strategies or even your personal life. Flynn has appeared on several different platforms and has hosted some interesting podcasts on other sites in the past and he continues to be one of the foremost authorities and influencers when it comes to the affiliate marketing industry. In the end, the goal of affiliate marketing should be able trying to create a nice passive income with multiple streams of income that you can benefit from and Flynn educates you on how to achieve this goal in a big way.

Starting Your Own Affiliate Marketing Blog

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to see how some of the top affiliate marketing blogs are creating content and making money online, you are probably interested in starting one of your own. The first essential steps will just take a couple of minutes. All you need is a domain name, a hosting plan and a strategy to create content.

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