Minecraft was released on November of 2011 and since then, it has garnered a broad fan base that is still growing in number. There are multiple gameplay modes made available for players of all kinds which makes Minecraft really interesting. Even the younger generation of players have something to enjoy.

List of the Top Minecraft Forums on the Internet Today

Here is the list of the top Minecraft Blogs you can find on the internet. Each blog has its own flair and style of bringing fans and players a wide range of information. Go check them out and head over to our quick blogging tutorial to jumpstart your own blogging journey.


Minecraft.Net Forums

Minecraft.net forum is where you will find a vast pool of user-generated knowledge that relates completely to the voxel-fueled game. Seeing that this is an official game resource, one of the cool features about the forums is that the creator reads up on this forum. In this forum, you will find pretty much the best stuff that pertains to the Minecraft realm.


Minecraft community

Reddit seems to have a little something for everybody, and yes, that includes Minecraft lovers. Reddit’s r/Minecraft serves as a basic place to discuss all things Minecraft and whatever else Mojang has going on. Another Notch-related feature is that readers can be updated on his tweets even if Twitter is blocked at their location. The moderators of the Reddit simply keep people updated on them through text posts.


Planet Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is as large as a planet itself, so the name of Planet Minecraft is incredibly fitting. At this platform, you will find pretty much the coolest stuff that pertains to the block-building game. From the moment that you hit the landing page, you will be introduced to new textures for your worlds, skins for characters, and even mods for the game itself. Furthermore, the platform features displays a great deal of Minecraft artwork.


Minecraft Workbench

The Minecraft Workbench is a lot like Planet Minecraft in that it provides an excellent assortment of texture packs, mods, and skins (as stated on the Minecraft website itself). Unlike Planet Minecraft, it focuses more on the elements of playing the game rather than the creations within it, but it does still provide a community aspect and a Minecraft server.

In addition to all of this, the platform produces a YouTube channel and also includes a database of all the elements within the game.



CraftHub is without a doubt one of the bravest things. This is a platform that has the entire contents devoted to Minecraft. The creators built a platform that highlights everything in the world relating to Minecraft, and they did it incredibly well. Join platform for some really cool Minecraft updates and creations, and visit their own server as well.


The Shaft

The Shaft updates weekly every Sunday at 3pm CST with “tips, stories, and the latest news and updates” about the Mojang creation. Besides the podcast, The Shaft is home to a dedicated 45-slot Mine craft server, it focuses more on the elements of playing the game rather than the creations within it, but it does still provide a community aspect and a Minecraft server.



Minecraftopia is a cleanly displayed manual recommended by Notch himself that provides detailed information on every single thing relating to Minecraft. Furthermore, like most of these communities, the site also includes an area to download mods, skins, and textures for the game. Using the provided servers, you will discover many other users to play with, and the site also offers several how-to articles.


World of Minecraft

This platform didn’t have any fancy Creeper-themed artwork, there were no Minecraft logos on it as well, and it looked like just a basic forum that anyone could have made. However, one of the great things about this community is that anyone can start their own realm, their own designated area on the WOM-hosted server for free with options to upgrade as time goes on.


The Minecraft Museum

The Minecraft Museum provides a great deal of similar material to CraftHub in that it provides block artwork provided by users.  The platform originally started out as manually-published content, but now, everything is run on an automatic system. One of the cool things about the Minecraft Museum is that its early days coordinated with the early days of Minecraft itself, so you will be privileged to see some pictures of what the game used to look like.



Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring original games such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, and many more, join this platform and have access to the coolest stuff that pertains to the Minecraft and other related contents.

Minecraft Global

Minecraft Global covers all the latest Minecraft news and updates globally. Apart from updates, they also share new tricks and tips for Minecraft community. This platform has an active list of Minecraft servers. The best part is, they have Minecraft Youtuber’s Rankings. Check them out if you are looking to know about all the latest stuff happening in the world of Minecraft.

How to Get Started with Your Own Minecraft Blog

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