Photography blogs are one of the best ways to not only learn about how to become a better photographer and walk through tutorials and user guides, they are also a great way to show off your expertise and document your progress as a digital photographer. If you don’t currently have a blog of your own, you will likely want to start one after viewing our list of the top photography blogs on the internet today.

Starting a photography blog on the internet has never been easier. As a digital photographer, you’ve already mastered an art that few can compete with — so going live with a photography blog of your own will be a breeze. Best of all, there are no technical or design skills required. All it takes is setting up a domain name and hosting, then creating content for your site.

Here are the Best Photography Blogs on the Internet Today

One of the most exciting things about the world of photography is that there is so much information and guidance out there. No matter what type of equipment you like to use, or photos you want to take, you are going to find useful tutorials and guides through popular digital photography blogs — many of which are included below.

Be sure to run through the list of top photography blogs on the internet today, while also thinking about what you would like to do with a blog of your own. Pay attention to the unique content on each site, how you could provide value to your audience and maybe even make some money in the process. If you’d like to get started with a blog of your own, simply refer to the quick start up guide at the end of this article.

Before making your way through the list of sites below, don’t forget to check out our other recommend lists on the top astrophotography and movie reviews websites blogs on the internet today.


PetaPixel is a popular photography blog that focuses on offering both amateur and professional photographers something unique to help with their photography efforts. From product reviews on the new GoPro cameras to tried and tested older 35mm techniques, this blog offers something for everyone with a knack for photography. There are some stories on celebrities too if they are relevant to the study of photography. Check this blog out when you get a chance and see how it might help you.

Shutterstock Blog

The Shutterstock Blog is the official blog of, a favorite photo download site. The blog has some interesting articles that deal with the art of creative photography, and there are lots of tips that photographers can use for their craft. The site is arranged in a simple-to-navigate style that resembles Pinterest but the topics all center around photography. Whether you have a lot of experience or you are just starting out, this blog will help you reach your photography goals with their valuable tips and tricks.

Digital Photography School

If you love digital photography and want to know how to get the most out of your digital camera, this is the blog for you. By signing up for the newsletter on the main site, you’ll receive free weekly tips and tricks that improve your photography game and help you to produce better digital photos. The articles delve into the important topics when it comes to improving your digital photography skills including lighting techniques and learning how to troubleshoot to get the best results. They also publish lots of post-production tips and techniques that help produce the best photos.

Light Stalking

The Light Stalking blog is dedicated to finding the best talent among digital and film photographers. They actively promote new photographers and their work, and it’s a good blog for a photographer who wants to get noticed by their target audience. Their motto is “Illuminating your passion,” and this phrase seems to encapsulate the blog itself in the way that it helps to inspire photographers to improve their work. This blog also delves into the ultra creative realm of “surrealism” in photography and treats unique photographic techniques like art.

Outdoor Photography Blog

The Outdoor Photographer people publish the Outdoor Photography Blog. They also print a hard copy of their magazine that is very popular with their readers. You’ll find examples of beautiful photography taken by some of their readers as well as renown photographers. They feature both a feature photographer and a “photo of the day” on their site. Readers like the option of going on their blog every day to see the new photo of the day and study the style of emerging artists and photographers. All of their photo samples are based on outdoor photography techniques. This is a great blog for people who enjoy taking landscapes and outdoor scenes.

Chase Jarvis Photo Blog

If you are familiar with Chase Jarvis’s photography, you’ll enjoy this blog that is dedicated to his work. Chase also offers plenty of tips and tricks for emerging photographers. He is the former VP of Adobe and knows a lot about both digital and analog photo formats. Jarvis believes in the importance of creativity in photo art, and he tries to get this message across any chance he gets. Check out this blog and find out how Jarvis creates some of his beautiful creations with a camera and an idea.

Scott Kelby Photo Blog

This is another individual photographer’s blog that features many tips for photographers in today’s age. Scott Kelby lives in Tampa, Florida and he enjoys sharing his passion for photography with fellow photography enthusiasts. They feature plenty of articles, discussions, and video content that will inspire and enhance what you do as a digital photographer. While the blog is maintained by Scott Kelby, a well-known photographer, it also features regular guest blog posts from others.

Tuts Plus Blog

If you are a photography buff looking for new resources to try out, this blog is a keeper. It is all about photography and videography, and they even feature downloadable media on the site powered by the popular Envato media market. Photographers may even find a market for their work here. They are always looking for guest bloggers to add to their collection to share valuable tips and tricks with their readers. If you are an established photographer and have some advice to share, they pay up to $250 per post if you include a screencast tutorial.

DP Review

The DP Review is a blog that is focused on the art of digital photography and digital cameras. They do reviews on the latest digital cameras and offer a link to a buying guide, as well as a wide range of digital products that you can review and read about. There are plenty of interesting article on the blog, as well if you scroll down the page and you’ll find information on recent news in the world of digital media. There is a strong focus on brands, and you’ll be able to try them all out on their site to see which one you like best.

iPhone Photography School Blog

As its name implies, this blog is all about how to take better photos with your iPhone. The blog discusses apps that you can download to enhance your photography projects, as well as plenty of tips and tricks that use the iPhone technology to your advantage. Many of the articles on the blog are highly creative, and they seek to enhance what iPhone can do when you are taking pictures and videos. If you are an iOS fan or have an iPhone that you like to take pictures with, this blog is a good one to bookmark for future reference.

How to Start a Photography Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

Having seen some of the top photography blogs across the internet, I’m sure you are excited about the idea of starting a blog of your own. With so many different topics to cover in the world of photography, there is so much potential out there. Whether you are providing guidance to others, posting photos that you’ve taken or even trying to make some money with a photography resource blog, the most important thing for you to do is to simply take action.

Get started with a blog of your own by securing your domain name and setting up a web hosting account. This can all be done through Bluehost, our recommended hosting solution. Not only are they hosting over 2 million domains and sites on the internet today, they are also a recommended blog hosting solution from WordPress as well.

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Think about the first time you started visiting other photography blogs and how they’ve helped you become a better photographer over time. With a blog of your own, you could be providing this same type of content and guidance to new audiences and photographers around the world. In addition to all of the resources and guides out there, many photographers have become professional bloggers and have further grown out their expertise, brand and business in the process. This is all possible through the use of a blog. You just need to make sure you put in the time, work and effort to get started!

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