Lately I’ve experienced many blogs that just don’t cut it. They’re breaking the fundamental rules of blogging etiquette. Not that there’s ever been an official code book written or anything. Just my personal 2 cents.

In this post I will cover the 4 most commonly breached rules:

  • Comment & Comment Systems
  • Delivering of your promises
  • Slow Sites
  • Clutter

Let’s begin- Keep in mind that this stuff can only be done from a website you own. None of that free blogger junk.

Comment & Comment Systems: This rule is broken quite often when a blogger puts up a great piece of content and people comment, but the author is nowhere to be seen. You need to be part of the conversation. Help the people who take a daring step of commenting. Let them know you’re there. I think some of you are screaming at me. Your brand will escalate when people know you’re available and willing to accompany them on their journey.

There are 2 comment systems out there; one that is awesome and the other that is… not.. so…awesome. The one that I abhor with a passion is the Disqus commenting system. It doesn’t allow for links. Big turn off. Why comment? How can you continue the conversation with someone who made a meaningful comment? It simply can’t be done. Not to mention that it’s confusing as heck to figure out how to use.

The other commenting system is just a standard simple one that is easy to use for your readers. It should include the following: Name, E-mail, and Website. That’s it. Don’t over complicate it.  This system will incentivize a reader to comment so that their name becomes a clickable link to the website of their choice.

Deliver On Your Promises: This has got to be the most annoying of all etiquette breaches. Nothing will drive a reader away from your site faster than this one. Just the other day, I came across a meaningful blog that offered a free eBook in exchange for my email. The blogger had done a great job capturing my attention. Not only did I have to email him personally to get the eBook, he made me jump through several hoops to get the book.

Your average reader will not put up with the hoops. They want the information now. Don’t let them down by saying you’ll give them something and not deliver. Have I been back to that blogger’s site? NOPE! But seriously.

Slow Sites: Knowing that you have less than 2 seconds to capture a reader’s attention builds the importance of having a fast loading site. Maybe your asking yourself, “What causes my site to load slowly?”. To answer your question, there are several things. The 2 most common reasons a site loads slowly are: excessive plugins and terrible hosting.

I’ve found that there are really only a few necessary plugins and everything else is just going to make your site slower. Hosting plays a big role in your site speed. HostGator is one of the sites I trust to deliver on fast loading websites.

Clutter: Get rid of unnecessary website clutter. There are several items that people put on their site that are considered clutter in my book. They are: overloaded sidebars, millions of share buttons, and annoying pop ups. Honestly, you don’t need all that garbage. The only things you really need in your sidebar are: popular articles & an opt-in form. Keep your share buttons to a minimum. The most important buttons would be: twitter, facebook, and google plus. That’s it, keep it simple. Despite popular opinion, pop ups are detrimental to your website. They slow your site down, are annoying, and are sometimes hard to click out of.

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