Disguised Toast – Age, Net Worth and Twitch Influencer Profiles

Disguised Toast’s real name is Jeremy Wang. He was born on November 25, 1991, in Canada. Disguised Toast originally started his career as a professional Hearthstone player. In early 2017, he switched to full-time streaming on Twitch.tv and soon became one of the most popular personalities on the site. His channel features a mix of Hearthstone gameplay, IRL content, and occasional vlogs.

Toast’s popularity on Twitch has led to him amassing a large social media following across platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. He has also been featured in several major news publications such as Forbes and The Washington Post. In addition to his online success, Disguised Toast has also worked with various brands and companies on marketing campaigns and product endorsements.

Despite his success, Disguised Toast remains humble and down-to-earth. In an interview with Forbes, he stated that “It’s been surreal…I’m just a Canadian kid who likes to play video games.” When asked about his future plans, he said that he hopes to continue entertaining his fans and growing his brand.

Disguised Toast is a true success story. He has built a career around something he loves – playing video games – and has found a way to connect with people all over the world through his streaming platform. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of him in the years to come.

Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast is another popular streamer on the Twitch platform.

Interesting Facts About Disguised Toast

  • He actually started his career as a professional Hearthstone player. He was a part of Team Archon and even won a few tournaments before he became a full-time streamer.
  • He’s known for his creative and innovative deck building. He’s also responsible for popularizing certain cards and strategies in the game.
  • Toast isn’t just a talented gamer, he’s also an accomplished musician. He often plays the piano or guitar during his streams.
  • Toast is a Canadian citizen, but he was actually born in China. He moved to Canada when he was just a year old.

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