Duke Dennis – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Duke Dennis has become a popular social media personality, even at quite an early age. In fact, some of his videos have received more than a million views on YouTube. He has an impressive number of followers on Instagram, with over 800K. As of March 2019, his younger brother appeared in one of his videos. Learn more about the social media star below.

Duke was born on February 26, 1994, so he will be 28 years old in 2022. Dennis played basketball both offline and online and has a large number of followers on social media. In 2013, he began posting videos about NBA 2K. His first video was titled: “NBA 2K17 Dropped 19 on my superstar head.” He followed this up with a popular video, Angry Trash Talker.

Before joining the army, Dennis was raised by his mother, who was absentminded and uncaring. He excelled at American football in high school, earning offers to play at small community colleges. He had no intention of joining college, but he was enlisted along with his friend to help get away from his rough neighborhood. While serving in the army, Dennis remained largely an administrator and did not play football. Then, in 2017, he made a video called “Angry trash talker”.

While the name “Duke Dennis” may bring up visions of a beautiful woman, the reality is a little more complicated. Duke Dennis is a single man with no known girlfriend. He keeps a low profile when it comes to his relationship life, focusing on his career instead. His height is 172 cm, and his weight is 62 kg. He wears a shoe size seven inches.

Duke Dennis Instagram
Duke Dennis is always updating his Instagram with fashionable photos and content.

Who is Duke Dennis

Duke Dennis is a popular American YouTuber and content creator. He first gained popularity after sharing videos of himself playing the basketball game NBA 2K19.

He gained popularity for his Duke Dennis Gaming YouTube channel. He operates his other two tracks, including DeeBlock Duke and DukeDennis Live.

Martin was born and raised in the United States, where he started his acting career. He has amassed over 1.9 million subscribers to his three channels combined. In addition to that, he is a host on the YoTube channel AMP with 1.76 million followers.

The channel’s content includes videos on challenges, memes, and many other topics. He has also become as popular as some of the most well-known YouTubers, including Karl Jacobs, Bugha, Ice Poseidon, and Sodapoppin.

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Duke Dennis Biography

The YouTuber was born on February 26, 1994, in the United States of America under the zodiac sign Pisces. He has also refused to discuss his parents or early life online.

He has two siblings, one of which is his brother Darius Dennis. He is an American national and Afro-American ethnicity. Furthermore, he has not documented his educational qualifications.

Duke Dennis Career

Before he became a YouTube sensation, he served in the United States Army. He doesn’t just run one or two YouTube channels–he runs three, one of which is a collaboration channel called AMP. In addition, he made his first channel called DukeDennis Gaming on February 16, 2013. 

He posts videos of himself playing Basketball NBA 2K games and has amassed 1.79 million views to date, with more than 166 million video views in total.

He established his own self-titled YouTube channel on May 1, 2020, with a million followers and more than 49 million views. Moreover, he has a third channel called DukeDennis Live that garnered 11.9k subscribers and over 3.2 million views as of July 8, 2021.

Duke Dennis YouTube
Duke Dennis currently has more than 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Duke Dennis Personal Life & Girlfriend

He has not disclosed information about his romantic life, so we can only assume he is single. However, he might be in a secret relationship.

It appears he is more concerned with his career than being in a relationship. Aside from that, he has not been the subject of any rumors or conflicts.

Duke Dennis Education

At Catholic School, Duke completed his primary education.

Nonetheless, it appears that he has a guarded demeanor and has not provided much information about his family or educational background.

Duke Dennis Videos
Many of the videos created by Duke Dennis have well over a million views on YouTube.

Duke Dennis Net Worth – $2 Million

Duke Dennis is one of the most popular social media influencers around. He has a massive following on both YouTube and Instagram, and his videos and photos always garner a lot of likes, comments, and shares. But just how much is Duke Dennis really worth?

Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Duke Dennis has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually not that surprising when you consider how successful he is and how much money he makes from his various sponsorships and endorsement deals.

For example, Duke Dennis often posts sponsored videos on his YouTube channel, which can earn him thousands of dollars per video. He also gets paid to promote products on his Instagram account, which has over 2 million followers. In addition, Duke Dennis has his own line of merchandise, which includes t-shirts, hats, and other items.

Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: Calculating…
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.2M+
  • TikTok Subscribers: Calculating…

Duke Dennis FAQ

What is Duke Dennis age?

Duke Dennis was born on February 26, 1994, thus meaning he will turn 29 this year. This is around the average age for YouTube and TikTok stars.

What is Duke Dennis known for?

Duke Dennis is internet famous thanks to his content creation on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Through his gaming videos, he’s built up a loyal following with millions of fans.

Was Duke Dennis in the military?

Yes, Duke Dennis was enlisted into the military right after leaving high school. He ended up serving four years in Germany.

How many subscribers does Duke Dennis have?

Duke Dennis currently has more than 1.6 million subscriber through his YouTube channel at @DukeDennisAMP.

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