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Frank Fritz is best known for his role as co-star on the History Channel’s hit reality series, “American Pickers.” The show follows Fritz and his business partner Mike Wolfe as they travel across America, scouring barns, sheds, and junkyards for hidden treasures.

Before finding fame on television, Fritz worked as a firefighter in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. He developed a love for collecting at a young age and used his keen eye to flip items for profit. In addition to being an avid collector himself, he also runs Frank Fritz Finds – an online shop where he sells unique antiques.

Outside of “American Pickers,” Fritz has made appearances on other shows such as ” Counting Cars” and “The Curse of Oak Island.” He has also written a book, “Frankly: The Life & Times Of A Humble Collector,” which offers insight into his passion for collecting and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Fritz continues to hunt for hidden gems on “American Pickers,” inspiring viewers to see value in overlooked items and giving them a glimpse into the world of antiquing. He truly is the king of finding treasure in unexpected places.

Why Frank Fritz is Famous

As one of the stars of the hit TV show American Pickers, Frank Fritz has gained fame for his unique ability to find hidden treasures in unexpected places. With a knack for spotting valuable antiques and collectibles, he has earned the nickname “The Master of the Hunt.”

Along with his business partner Mike Wolfe, Fritz travels across America searching for rare items and negotiating deals with their owners. From vintage motorcycles to old movie posters, Frank has an eye for unearthing hidden gems that are often overlooked by others.

His passion for collecting started at a young age, when he would scour garage sales and flea markets for items to add to his personal collection. This hobby eventually turned into a successful career and landed him a spot on the popular reality series.

In addition to his TV fame, Frank has also written a book about his experiences as a picker and released his own line of hot sauce. His success on the show has made him not only a recognizable face in pop culture, but also a respected figure in the antique collecting world.

Whether they tune in for Frank’s charming personality or impeccable picking skills, viewers can’t get enough of this famous picker. With each episode, he continues to wow audiences with his knowledge and ability to uncover rare treasures. It’s no wonder that Frank Fritz is undeniably famous among fans of American Pickers and antique enthusiasts alike.

Frank Fritz Videos
YouTube is loaded with plenty of videos on Frank Fritz, and his time on American Pickers.

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe are the stars of the hit TV show “American Pickers,” where they travel across America in search of rare antiques and vintage items. The duo first met while picking at a Iowa swap meet, and soon formed their successful partnership. Along with their team, they scour through barns, sheds, and old warehouses for hidden treasures that they can then resell or collect.

Their love for picking started at a young age, with Mike finding his first antique – a rusty old bike – at the age of five. Frank’s passion was sparked when he discovered an old bottle during a family vacation. Both men have turned their hobbies into successful careers, amassing valuable collections along the way.

In addition to their TV show, the pair also own Antique Archaeology, a store and museum in LeClaire, Iowa. The shop showcases some of their favorite picks and serves as a destination for fellow pickers and antique enthusiasts.

Outside of picking, Frank is an avid motorcycle rider and collector while Mike enjoys restoring vintage cars. Both men have proven that with persistence and knowledge, one can turn their passion into a successful career.

Frank Fritz Wikipedia
America Pickers is a popular show, co-hosted by Frank Fritz. The show also has its own Wikipedia page.

Frank Fritz Net Worth – $6 Million

Frank Fritz currently has an estimated net worth in the $6 million range.

Frank Fritz Wiki

Born: October 11, 1965 (age 57 years), Davenport, IA
Height: 5′ 5″
Parents: Bill Fritz, Susan Zirbes
Nationality: American