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George Lopez is an American comedian who has been entertaining audiences for years. He is known for his stand-up comedy, as well as his work on television and in film.

George Lopez was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 23, 1961. His father, Enrique Lopez, was a migrant worker from Mexico. His mother, Shirley Temple (née Jimenez), was an assembly line worker at a clothing factory. Growing up, Lopez experienced firsthand the struggles of working-class Latinos in the United States.

Lopez began his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s. He soon made a name for himself with his hilarious observations about Latino culture and the immigrant experience. In 2002, Lopez debuted his own sitcom, The George Lopez Show. The show was a huge success, and ran for six seasons on ABC.

In addition to his work in television and film, Lopez is also an active philanthropist. He has worked with various charities over the years, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

George Lopez Age, Height & Bio

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How old is George Lopez, and where was she born?

Born: April 23, 1961 (age 61 years), Los Angeles, California, United States.

How much is George Lopez worth?

Net worth: $45 Million

Who is George Lopez married to?

Ann Serrano (m. 1993–2011)

What are some of George Lopez’s most popular acting roles?

Rio, George Lopez, The Adventure of Sharkboy And Lavagirl, The Spy Next Door

How many children does George Lopez have?

Mayan Lopez

What is the height of George Lopez?

Height 5′7″, Weight 119 lbs

What are Emily George Lopez’s measurements?

Measurements: 34-24-35

George Lopez Quotes on Life

George Lopez is one the most successful figure in the American comedy industry, known for producing and starring in several shows throughout his career. Here are some famous quotes by Geroge Lopez on life and success.

  • “In life, there’s a ying and a yang and a balance. And when you don’t have balance, you have comedy..”
  • “I didn’t want to be nobody, and that was the only way I could be somebody was to do stand-up.”
  • “I never realized I could love people as much as I do now.”
  • “I believe that there are certain things that could be taken care of that you don’t need a strong political background in.”
  • “I don’t know if the art of stand-up will survive. Stand-up seems dated. Now you can do a mini-movie or a short with a beginning, middle, and end.”
  • “I never realized I could love people as much as I do now.”

George Lopez Family and Relationships

George Lopez is a successful American comedian and actor. He is also well-known for his work as a talk show host and producer. George Lopez has been married three times and has five children.

George Lopez’s first marriage was to Ann Serrano. The couple had two children together, Maya and George Jr. They divorced in 1994.

Lopez’s second marriage was to Marriann Barragan. The couple had one child together, a daughter named Maria. They divorced in 2002.

Lopez’s third marriage is to Veronica Linares. The couple has two children together, a son named Max and a daughter named Mercy. They are currently still married.

George Lopez has been open about the fact that he has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the past. He has been sober since 2005.

George Lopez Comedy Career

George Lopez has had a long and successful career in stand-up comedy, television, and film.

George Lopez began his career as a stand-up comedian, performing at various clubs and venues in Los Angeles. He quickly gained popularity for his observational humor and relatable material.

Lopez’s big break came in 2002 when he was cast as the lead in his own sitcom, The George Lopez Show. The show was a huge success, running for six seasons on ABC.

In recent years, Lopez has continued to tour as a stand-up comedian and also starred in the television series Saint George. He currently has a residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

George Lopez is one of the most successful Latino comedians in the United States. He has made a significant impact on American culture and has been a role model for many Latinos.

To learn more about George Lopez, be sure to check out his official Wikipedia page.

George Lopez Net Worth – $35 Million USD

Thanks to many years as an entertainer and comedian, George Lopez’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million. A great majority of this net worth is as a result of touring and having his own television shows.

George Lopez FAQ

Is George Lopez dyslexic?

Max’s pencil keeps moving in shots as he begins speaking to his father after coming downstairs to complete his homework. We discover that both George and Max have dyslexia in this episode.

Why did George Lopez show stop? 

The sitcom was canceled by ABC, and the series finale aired on May 8, 2007. Lopez says that Steve McPherson, the president of ABC’s prime-time entertainment, called him over the weekend and told him that the network would lose money if the show was renewed and that it wasn’t doing well financially. 

What does George Lopez always say? 

“Ay Guey!” “Mom!” “I never get to do nothin’ in this house!” “That’s the Lopez way.”

Will George Lopez’s show ever come back? 

The 2022–23 season of the new comedy series, which stars George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez, has been ordered to series. The series also stars Matt Shively, Brice Gonzalez, and Selenis Leyva. 

Does George give his dad a kidney?

Just before George gives Manny Lopez a kidney, George’s father, Manny Lopez, passed away in this episode.

George Lopez Wiki

Born: April 23, 1961 (age 61 years), Los Angeles, CA
Spouse: Ann Serrano (m. 1993–2011)
Height: 5′ 10″
Children: Mayan Lopez
Nationality: American
Parents: Anatasio Lopez, Frieda Lopez