13 of the Hottest WNBA Players in League for 2023

Although there are a lot of talented players in the WNBA, some may stand out more than others. The most beautiful WNBA players have captivated audiences with their grace, athleticism and overall presence on the court. Not only have they become fan favorites due to their looks, but they’re also incredibly talented athletes who have achieved great success in the league.

Players like Diana Taurasi, Skylar Diggins-Smith and Maya Moore have all been recognized as some of the most attractive players in the league. Not only do they possess an unparalleled beauty that captures viewers’ attention immediately upon their entrance into a game, but these women also excel at their respective positions on the court.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most attractive women and hottest names in the world of female basketball. Whether it’s on the court of off-court, these ladies got it going on.

13 of the Most Attractive Women in the WNBA

One of the most popular sports in the United States is women’s basketball. The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has become incredibly successful and influential, and many of its players are hugely admired for their athletic prowess and beauty.

Below you will find our updated list on the top women in the WNBA that you should be keeping an eye on in 2023 and for years to come.

Skylar Diggins Smith

Skylar Diggins Smith

Skylar Diggins-Smith is the multi-talented beauty of the WNBA. A five-time All Star, she’s not just an incredible player – her style on and off the court is also something to admire. With her electric hair color, flowing locks, magnetic personality and unstoppable athletic ability, Skylar has captivated fans since her debut in 2012. Her skillful plays and impressive shooting are matched only by her impeccable fashion sense.

Candace Parker

Candace Parker

Candace Parker is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful WNBA players of 2023. She plays for the Los Angeles Sparks and has proven herself to be a top-notch player both on and off the court. Candace is an amazing athlete and her skills are unmatched; she has mastered shooting, rebounding, passing, and can even play defense with ease.

Her physical beauty only adds to her impressive talent as she stands tall at 6’4″ with long limbs that make it seem like she’s always in motion. Off the court, Candace is just as gorgeous; her gorgeous smile brightens up any room and her style is always on point.

Te'a Cooper

Te’a Cooper

Te’a Cooper is an emerging star in the WNBA with a glamorous appearance. She has been called “the most stylish player on the court” thanks to her bold hairstyles, designer sneakers, statement jewelry, and Killer Queen attitude. She plays for the Atlanta Dream and is quickly becoming one of the top performers in the league thanks to her knack for finding space on the court and making clutch shots.

Lexie Brown

Lexie Brown

Lexie Brown has been dubbed “the WNBA’s ultimate triple threat” due to her ability to shoot, dribble, and pass like a pro. Her striking features, smooth playing style and contagious charisma have made her a fan favorite in the WNBA. Off the court, she is known for her trendsetting fashion sense and unique sense of humor.

Arella Guirantes

Arella Guirantes

Arella Guirantes is one of the most exciting players to watch in the WNBA this season. She’s an unstoppable scoring machine with incredible athleticism and deceptive shooting touch. On top of her impressive on-court skills, she’s also a beauty queen who looks amazing in any outfit – whether it’s casual streetwear or designer duds.

Sophie Cunningham

Sophie Cunningham

Sophie Cunningham is another stunning beauty in the WNBA for 2023. The Los Angeles Sparks guard/forward has been a dominant force on the court since joining the team in 2020. With her powerful build and incredible athleticism, Cunningham is often called upon to make key plays for her team. Her beautiful face and confident demeanor add to the list of reasons why she’s one of the most attractive WNBA players of 2023.

Sophie is also quite the fashionista; her sartorial choices and unique style always draw plenty of attention. While she’s primarily known for her athletic skill, Sophie has proved that she can be just as successful off-court when it comes to looking good!

Katie Lou Samuelson

Katie Lou Samuelson

Katie Lou Samuelson has become one of the most recognizable faces of the WNBA thanks to her exceptional talent and glamorous looks. She has earned the nickname “The Blonde Bombshell” following her impressive rookie season in 2018 when she was named the WNBA All-Star Game MVP. Her skillful shooting and alluring presence have made her an instant fan favorite.

Monique Billings

Monique Billings is a 6’4 powerhouse on the court with an infectious smile that lights up any arena. She plays for the Phoenix Mercury and is one of the best post players in the league thanks to her size, athleticism, and impressive footwork. Off the court, Monique’s beauty shines both on and off camera as she displays her chic fashion sense through every outfit.

Shakira Austin

Shakira Austin is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in the WNBA. She’s an elite rebounder and has a knack for finding the open spot on the court for her signature mid-range jumper. Her exotic good looks, infectious smile, and undeniable charm have made her an instant fan favorite in the league.

Alanna Smith

Alanna Smith is one of the most talented players in the WNBA with a long list of accomplishments to her name. She was named Rookie of the Year in 2019 and was selected to participate in the 2020 All-Star Game. On top of her impressive set of skills, Alanna also has a unique sense of style that makes heads turn both on and off the court.

NaLyssa Smith

NaLyssa Smith is considered to be one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in the WNBA. She has a knack for making big shots and her incredible speed, agility, and athleticism make it difficult to stop her on the court. Her beautiful features and captivating smile have made her a hit with fans both on and off the court.

Liz Cambage

Liz Cambage is one of the most dominant players in the league thanks to her 6’8 size and impressive skillset. She holds several records in the WNBA including being the first player to score over 50 points in a single game. On top of that, she’s also known as one of the most fashionable players in the league due to her unique style sense.

Elena Delle Donne

Elena Delle Donne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the WNBA. She’s a two-time MVP and a four-time All-Star with an amazing set of skills and impeccable shooting touch. Off the court, her stunning looks and effortless beauty are matched only by her impeccable fashion sense. With her impressive career accomplishments and glamorous appearance, she is one of the most beautiful players in the league.

Hottest Basketball Stars in the WNBA for the 2023 Season

As you can see from the short list above, the WNBA has produced some truly stunning athletes who have made a lasting impression on fans. From dynamic scorers to creative plays makers, these beautiful WNBA stars have countless highlights from their careers to look back on.

The 2023 WNBA season is shaping up to be an exciting one thanks to these 13 amazing and talented players. They all bring something different to the game whether it’s skill, style or charm – they’re sure to make an impact both on and off the court!