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Hunter Schafer, the 21-year-old model and activist, has made waves in both the fashion and LGBTQ+ communities. After being discovered by renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs at a North Carolina mall, Schafer quickly rose to fame with her unique androgynous look.

But it’s not just her looks that have caught people’s attention. Schafer is also an outspoken advocate for transgender rights, having been a plaintiff in the lawsuit against North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill.” She has also used her platform to speak out about mental health issues and body image.

In addition to walking runways for major designers like Dior and Proenza Schouler, Schafer also starred in HBO’s hit series “Euphoria” as the trans character Jules Vaughn.

Off the runway and screen, Schafer continues to use her voice for activism and has even joined forces with Marc Jacobs to launch T-shirts supporting transgender rights. It’s clear that Hunter Schafer is not just a beautiful face, but also a force for change in both fashion and society.

Hunter Schafer’s Age, Height, and Bio

We got you covered with everything related to celebrities and social media stars. Hunter Schafer is an actress, model, and activist. Here are some latest developments and interesting facts on Hunter Schafer’s life.

How old is Hunter Schafer, and where was she born?

Born: December 31, 1998 (age 23 years), Trenton, New Jersey, United States.

How much is Hunter Schafer?

Net worth: $4 Million

Who is Hunter Schafer married to?

Not married

What are some of Hunter Schafer’s most popular acting roles?

Euphoria, Belle, Cuckoo

How many children does Hunter Schafer have?


What is the height of Hunter Schafer?

Height 5’10″, Weight 143 lbs

What are Hunter Schafer’s measurements?

30-24-33 inches

Hunter Schafer’s Quotes on Life

Hunter Schafer has made a name for himself with her acting role in Euphoria. She is also an LGBTQ rights activist and publicly shares her views on this. Here are some latest sayings by Hunter Schafer.

  • “We are on the forefront of a revolution in which identity and expression will take priority over the labels assigned to us at birth; in which self-identification will take priority over perception; in which gender will fall away entirely.”
  • “It’s cool how to see how my creative juices have shown themselves when they’re not being used for ‘Euphoria’ every day.”
  • “In the entertainment world, you can have more of a personality and be yourself. You don’t have to look like a standard of beauty. You can have something provocative to say.”
  • “I do find myself missing the energy of New York more and more often as my time away from the city progresses.”
  • “Ever since I can remember, I drew, and visual arts have been my main way to express myself. I like dancing, although I’ve never done that very seriously. It’s something I’d like to explore more.”

Why Hunter Schafer is Famous

Hunter Schafer rose to fame as a model, walking in shows for major fashion brands like Prada and Jeremy Scott. However, they are also a vocal activist for LGBTQ rights, particularly in regards to their personal experience as a transgender teen.

In addition to modeling, Schafer is also an actress on the hit HBO series “Euphoria,” where they play a trans character named Jules Vaughn. Their portrayal of Jules has been praised by critics and fans alike for its authenticity and nuance.

On top of their successful career in the entertainment industry, Schafer is also a co-founder of the youth-led organization The Alliance for Glitter Inclusion Revolution (AGIR), which advocates for improved mental health resources and anti-bullying measures in North Carolina’s public schools.

In 2019, Schafer was part of the team that filed a lawsuit against North Carolina’s HB2, also known as the “bathroom bill,” which restricted transgender individuals from using bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. The law was ultimately struck down by a federal court.

Through their activism and successful career, Hunter Schafer continues to be an inspiration and role model for the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Hunter Schafer Net Worth – $4 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hunter Schafer’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

The 21-year-old model and actress rose to fame after being cast as one of the leads in HBO’s critically acclaimed series, “Euphoria.” She also appeared on the cover of Vogue in 2019 and has walked for some of the most prestigious fashion brands, including Dior and Proenza Schouler.

In addition to her successful career in entertainment, Schafer is also a prominent LGBTQ+ activist. As a teen, she served as one of the lead plaintiffs in a landmark lawsuit against North Carolina’s bathroom bill while still in high school.

It looks like we can expect even more success from Schafer in the future.