John Lee Dumas Blog: Looking at the EOFire Brand, Blog and Podcast Empire

The Entrepreneurs on Fire blog is the brainchild of John Lee Dumas. Dumas gets great insights from successful entrepreneurs and shares his wisdom with his followers. He hosts podcasts with guests every Monday and shares lots of “knowledge bombs” every Thursday.

What John Offers on His Blog

Many other blogs post lots of regular blog articles. John doesn’t post as often. He usually only places two to four articles a month, in addition to an article about his monthly earnings.

However, what Entrepreneurs on Fire lacks in quantity, it makes up for in depth. Most of John’s articles are detailed overviews of his podcasts. Kate Erickson, the Content Creator that joined Entrepreneurs on Fire back in 2013, hosts a lot of these podcasts. They are dubbed “Kate’s Takes”. Kate recently posted her 210th podcast.

Most of the Kate’s Take podcasts are around 10 minutes long. The amount of information that you will get from listening to them is more than you will get in a dozen mediocre blog articles on other sites.

Some examples of topics covered in these podcasts include:

  • Systems Setup Phase I: How to Identify Repetitive Tasks in Your Business
  • How to Build a 7 Figure Business: Behind the Scenes of Entrepreneurs On Fire
  • How to find YOUR BIG IDEA
  • The Best Podcast Hosting Services

The format of the podcasts is especially great for people that don’t like reading extensively. If you want to listen to the podcasts, you will get a goldmine of tips as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Online Resources by John

John has created a load of great resources for his followers on Entrepreneurs on Fire. He currently has six courses, three books and three journals. Information that he covers in these resources include:

  • Teaching you how to create a great podcast
  • Showing you how to find a great business idea
  • Helping you find the inner strength to meet your number one goal in less than 100 days

You can buy the books with Amazon Kindle for as little as $0.99. You can also get access to courses for free, but you need to unlock them by joining his email list.


John has conducted over 2,000 podcasts with leading entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs on Fire possibly has the most extensive library of entrepreneurial podcasts of any site I have ever seen. He has interviewed Ian Seigel, the CEO of Ziprecruiter, Jon Buchan, the Director of Charm Offensive and loads of other successful entrepreneurs.

New podcasts are released every Monday. You can check the podcasts section of Entrepreneurs on Fire to see what you missed if you didn’t have a chance to tune in.

About John’s Blog

John is committed to helping everyone unleash their inner entrepreneur. He has shared lots of great resources, which cover everything from choosing a web hosting service to finding the idea that will help them succeed.

While John is truly an entrepreneurial visionary, he wouldn’t have been able to bring this blog to life without the help of his team and the entrepreneurs that have been kind enough to share their wisdom. He has hosted podcasts from over 2,000 entrepreneurs, which are the basis for most of his content, in addition to hundreds of podcasts hosted by his Content Creator, Kate Erickson. He has some great blog posts as well, but the podcasts are the meat and potatoes of the content on Entrepreneurs on Fire.

As you navigate throughout the site, you will also see some great ‘call to actions’. These are one of the leading contributing factors to why and how John has accumulated such a massive newsletter and mailing list. If you are wondering how to set up something similar, this can easily be done with OptinMonster.

Overall Opinion of the Blog

There are a lot of blogs on entrepreneurship. What makes Entrepreneurs on Fire stand out from the pack?

You will find that most entrepreneurial blogs are written by people that don’t have real background running a business. They share information that they picked up in their MBA program or rehash articles that they found on other websites. This isn’t the case with Entrepreneurs on Fire. Here are some reasons Entrepreneurs on Fire is a great resource for aspiring business owners.

  • Real Advice from Actual Experts

John gets the dirt right from the horse’s mouth. He has taken the time to interview a couple thousand entrepreneurs in a variety of business. He has loads of first-hand accounts from people that have run successful businesses and helps his readers put the wisdom those experts shared into perspective.

  • Comprehensive Resources

Most other websites that share useful entrepreneurial resources are much more specialized. They focus on topics like dropshipping, ecommerce, blogging, the hospitality industry or international business.

John Dumas discusses everything under the sun. Whether you are looking to manage your finances better, find the perfect business idea or host your podcast, then Entrepreneurs on Fire probably has what you need.

  • Affordable Resources

You don’t need to pay a large fee to unlock the best content, like you would with many other resources. You don’t need to do that with Entrepreneurs on Fire. You can get access to lots of courses for free by simply joining the email list. You can watch all the podcasts whenever you like. If you want to buy one of John’s books, you can get them on Amazon Kindle for a mere $0.99.

  • Monthly Income Reports

Of the many great areas of the site, the most sought after updates and information comes from their monthly income reports. With earnings of over $100,000 per month, this is something every site owner, blogger, and brand wants to learn more about!


Lots of people are interested in becoming their own boss. As the gig economy grows, more people are exploring ways to cut ties with Corporate America.

However, starting a business is a lot easier said than done. New entrepreneurs face a steep learning curve.

This is great news for entrepreneurship bloggers. People look for great resources, which will help make it easier for them to start a business.

You can make a ton of money starting an entrepreneurial blog as well. John makes nearly $200,000 a month in revenue and has around a 90% profit margin. This is an amazing cash cow, which shows why creating an entrepreneurial blog could be the way to go.

How to Start an Entrepreneurial Blog

Running an entrepreneurial blog can be a great way to make a living. However, you are also going to have to put in a lot of work and make some hard choices. Some things to think about include:

  • Deciding whether you will host the blog onsite or another platform
  • Whether you want to use straight text articles or try use podcasts or other multimedia
  • Understanding how to gain a following on social media
  • Creating digital resources beyond your blog posts

There are a lot of things that you need to do to create a successful entrepreneurship blog. Make these choices carefully.

Ready to Get Started with a Blog of Your Own?

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Here are some of the steps that you will need to take to get started:

  • Decide how you will monetize your site. Will you sell premium resources, rely on affiliate sales or sell advertise space?
  • Choose the focus of your blog. Will you blog about a broader like dropshipping? Or will you focus on entrepreneurship in general?
  • Start creating quality content. As Entrepreneurs on Fire shows, you will need to create a lot of quality content for your site to gain traction.
  • Invest in creating quality podcasts and videos. Conducting interviews with other entrepreneurs is a great way to get started.
  • Create additional resources to help monetize your site and build a mailing list.

Your blog will be a lot more successful if you are organized and follow these steps carefully. Don’t be afraid to look at Entrepreneurs on Fire and other successful entrepreneur blogs for inspiration!