Qatch – The Personalized Shopper App that Helps You Stay Trendy

Fashion is everyone. It’s what we wear, how we decorate our homes, the cars we drive and even the way our pets look when we take them on a walk. But just because you know of fashion and have it all around you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are fashionable or up to date on the latest fashion trends.

The good news is, Qatch is here to change that!

Qatch is a personalized shopper and stylist application that’s always by your side. Not only will it provide you with the latest fashion trends and hottest releases from your favorite brands, it will also make you feel like a celebrity that has a personal stylist on speed dial at all times.

Through the use of this application, anyone can start discovering products and brands that are personally recommended to fit the way you look, feel and the lifestyle around you.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel trendy and bring out your inner fashion, while not needing to worry about your budget, you’re going to love scanning through our detailed reference guide on Qatch below!

Qatch – The Fashion & Style Matchmaker

Qatch is a Boston-based multi product eCommerce site exclusively dedicated and designed for today’s modern women. Their main USP is text-based marketing for women whose profile and behavior on social media is matched to create real-time insight. This targeted analysis of members who have subscribed to the Qatch site enables the company to forecast trends, target the customer’s interests and manage inventory profitably.

Qatch is not like any other shopping app. Their business model is distinct and widely based on monthly subscription fees from member users and commissions from affiliate marketing for various brands on its platform.

With hundreds of brands under its belt, Qatch comes out as a retailer favorite with its female clientele. It’s targeted monitoring of members ensures their favorite product is right on top of the page, which might have been hidden under a maze of products in an ordinary course.

3 Simple Steps to Get Live on Qatch

Now that you have a quick review on what Qatch is, now it’s time to actually walk through the process so you can get started.

First thing first, click here to visit their site and sign up for an account.

1 – With your account now active, you can then take a quick 3 minute style quiz to tell the application what type of outfits you love, your favorite brands and also to connect your Instagram account so your stylist can see what fashion trends you are currently sporting.

2 – After that, it’s all about the engagement and interaction on the app. In this section you will want to “interact with Taps”, which will allow you to vote thumbs up and thumbs down on different fashion styles. The more you scan and vote, the better the results will be.

3 – Lastly, it’s all about getting inspired by others. Just like how you are probably scanning through IG all the time and noticing what people are wearing, you can now do the same thing through the Qatch app, while also browsing the latest recommended fashion trends from top brands.

With all of these actions now in place, your Qatch account will always be working to provide you with the best fashion tips and recommendations.

Using Qatch as Your Personal Stylist

Qatch allows members to add their contact numbers on their mobiles. This approach helps the customers to get regular text updates about product recommendations. In addition, the image previews in these messages allow customers to explore further before adding those products to the cart.

Qatch relies a lot on data analytics as this helps them to understand customer interests, preferences, and their overall lifestyle. For example, based on their past shopping pattern, Qatch understands what price points a customer is comfortable purchasing, which brands they frequently use, and what types of products they are interested in. By having the key data metrics, it gets into an advantageous position compared to the competition.

Shopping online has its own thrills. The saving in time, best deals, lucrative cashback are a few perks that influence customers to shop online over traditional shopping. In addition, having the market on one’s mobile device makes the customer aware of any developments taking place in real-time. This information has led to customers regretting buying a product only to see the fluctuation in the product prices. It can be pretty frustrating for a customer to see a price getting down after one has purchased a product a week before.

Qatch uses price tracking tools to keep its customers updated on the product price fluctuations. Customers need not refresh their devices but get recommendations on the value buys the site is offering on various products. Price comparisons and recommendations as per one’s preference are value-added services that tell the customer that now is an ideal opportunity to purchase.

Qatch Social Media Presence

Qatch has a tremendous social media presence. They are on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows Facebook and others to leverage their presence with their customers to connect their social media accounts with Qatch.

For example, customers with Instagram accounts can link to Qatch’s Instagram account, allowing Qatch to personalize the interactions further. Using simple techniques, Qatch looks at customer’s Instagram profiles and sees what type of brands they wear, type of clothes, and accessories. This gives them the direction to recommend similar stuff to the customer, knowing that customers will get attracted. This kind of user engagement does not exist in any other online shopping.

Or the other way round is that Instagram users who follow other style icons can connect with Qatch Instagram and see the icon and what is in their cart. This allows users to stay ahead of others while catching up on their icon’s recommendations.

And while Instagram is the main focus point for many brands and businesses these days, it’s also important to not forget about Pinterest. This is where Qatch is quickly growing their following, while also making trendy and fashionable pins and content available for their users as well.

You can visit Qatch’s Pinterest page here, and also get a quick preview of it through the screenshot below.

Today’s fast-paced social media dynamics keep consumer behavior unpredictable. As a result, online retailers are finding it difficult to keep pace and manage their inventory efficiently. Qatch, with its unique model, ensures that it is a zero-inventory company. In addition, it knows that consumers are greatly influenced by recommendations, reviews, and price comparisons.

Qatch social media sites, and webpages are transparent when it comes to providing shipping costs. However, many a time, one sees users finalize their purchase till the e-cart section only to abandon the transaction at the time of payment. The founders of this app understood the frustrations many users went through other eCommerce sites and ensured that customers had a convenient shopping experience.

At Qatch, because they don’t hold any inventory and don’t have a checkout, they ensure all transactions and shipping happens through the Brand Partner websites for authenticity.

How is Qatch different from others?

This personalized eCommerce platform makes a customer feel like a celebrity with regular text updates on new trends irrespective of the budget. Qatch has done a really great job on the premises that a customer understood themselves and their style better than anybody else.

So, an innovative way to know those thoughts was to get the customer to share with them using the iMessage tap back option. This feature has the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, and Heart buttons for each product. Customers can tap them to share their feedback on the products.

The feedback is a learning process for the company as it allows you to customize future recommendations based on a customer’s likes and dislikes.