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The Atlanta Hawks, based in Atlanta, Georgia, are a prominent professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Founded in 1946 as the Buffalo Bisons, the team later relocated to various cities before settling in Atlanta in 1968.

Known for their thrilling style of play and passionate fan base, the Hawks have become a formidable force in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Team History in the NBA

The Hawks boast a long and storied history in the NBA. Originally formed as the Buffalo Bisons, the team joined the NBA as one of its 17 charter franchises. After brief stints in Moline, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the team finally settled in St. Louis, Missouri, where they became the St. Louis Hawks. It was during their time in St. Louis that the Hawks achieved their greatest success, winning the NBA championship in 1958.

NBA Team Information

City: Atlanta, Georgia
Birth Year: 1946 (as the Buffalo Bisons)
Championships: 1 (1958)

NBA Team Logo Design

The Atlanta Hawks’ logo features a fierce-looking hawk in mid-flight, with its wings spread wide. The hawk’s dominant red and black color scheme represents power, passion, and the team’s connection to the city of Atlanta. The logo captures the spirit of the team’s aggressive and high-flying style of play, embodying the determination and energy of the Atlanta Hawks.

Top Hawks Team Websites and Blogs

  1. – The official website of the Atlanta Hawks, providing fans with comprehensive team news, game schedules, player profiles, and ticket information. Stay up-to-date with the latest Hawks’ happenings directly from the source.
  2. Peachtree Hoops – Peachtree Hoops is a leading blog that covers all things Atlanta Hawks. With a dedicated team of writers, they deliver insightful analysis, game recaps, trade rumors, and in-depth articles that cater to passionate Hawks fans.
  3. Soaring Down South – Soaring Down South offers a comprehensive blog dedicated to Atlanta Hawks basketball. Their content includes game previews and recaps, player evaluations, trade speculations, and fan perspectives, making it a go-to resource for Hawks enthusiasts.
  4. Hoopshype – Atlanta Hawks – Hoopshype is a reliable source for Atlanta Hawks rumors, news, and articles. Their team of insiders and journalists provides up-to-date coverage, trade buzz, player interviews, and statistical analysis, keeping fans well-informed.
  5. The Athletic – Atlanta Hawks – The Athletic’s dedicated coverage of the Atlanta Hawks offers an in-depth and subscription-based experience. With experienced writers and exclusive content, they deliver detailed analysis, features, and interviews that cater to die-hard Hawks followers.
  6. AJC Sports – Atlanta Hawks – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s sports section provides comprehensive coverage of the Hawks. AJC Sports delivers breaking news, game highlights, features, and expert columns, ensuring Hawks fans stay informed about their favorite team.
  7. Talking Chop – Talking Chop covers a range of Atlanta sports, including the Hawks. With a dedicated section for Hawks basketball, they provide game analysis, player evaluations, opinion pieces, and engaging discussions, creating a vibrant community for Hawks fans.
  8. 929 The Game – 929 The Game is a sports radio station that covers the Atlanta Hawks. Tune in for live broadcasts of games, interviews with players and coaches, analysis, and engaging sports talk shows dedicated to the Hawks.
  9. ESPN – Atlanta Hawks – ESPN’s NBA section offers dedicated coverage of the Atlanta Hawks. With game highlights, expert analysis, feature articles, and player interviews, ESPN keeps fans well-informed about the Hawks’ performance and latest developments.
  10. NBA Reddit – Atlanta Hawks – The Atlanta Hawks community on Reddit provides an active platform for fans to discuss and share their thoughts on the team. From game threads and fan theories to news updates and memes, this subreddit is a must-visit for Hawks supporters.
  11. SB Nation – Peachtree Hoops – SB Nation’s Peachtree Hoops offers an array of articles, fan-generated content, and opinion pieces on the Atlanta Hawks. Join the discussion, engage with fellow fans, and explore their diverse range of Hawks-related content.
  12. Atlanta Sports HQ – Atlanta Hawks – Atlanta Sports HQ covers all Atlanta sports, including the Hawks. Their dedicated section on the Hawks provides news, analysis, opinion pieces, and podcasts, catering to the passionate fan base of the team.

Notable Atlanta Hawks Players

Over the years, the Atlanta Hawks have seen numerous talented players don the team’s jersey. Some notable players in the franchise’s history include:

  1. Dominique Wilkins
  2. Bob Pettit
  3. Pete Maravich
  4. Dikembe Mutombo
  5. Joe Johnson
  6. Al Horford
  7. Trae Young

These players have made significant contributions to the team’s success, leaving a lasting impact on the Atlanta Hawks’ legacy.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply interested in the team’s history and current updates, exploring the top NBA team websites and blogs dedicated to the Atlanta Hawks will keep you informed and engaged with all things related to this exciting basketball franchise.