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Crafting is very therapeutic. You can do it alone, with your friends, kids, or the whole family! There is always something exciting about unleashing your creativity and turning it into something you can actually hold and see.

Blogs on crafts are able to help readers by giving tutorials, pattern ideas, and so much more. Perhaps you’re someone passionate about crafting. You should start a blog. Like a craft project, you could start it from scratch and turn it something beautiful and also useful. If you’re up for it, go check out our quick guide at the bottom of the article!

List of the Top Craft Blogs on the Internet Today

Any craft project is overly filled with goodness. It can help you save or make money, find belongingness in a community, give a space a new look, and even recycle things you would have disposed of anyway. Below, we’ve made a list of the top ten crafts blog on the internet. Each blog has something unique to offer. You should definitely browse through them to draw some inspiration for your own blog. is a great crafting community for people wanting to take their crafts to a new level. It’s an online community that allows you to have access to hundreds of products, advice, and ideas that will help you grow your crafting business. Whether you think of crafts as a hobby or a potential business, here is a great blog to bookmark as a reference. You’ll find craft patterns, projects, and lots of other types of free stuff for the taking.

Craft Gossip

If you love holidays and want to make the most of your crafting hobby, check out this blog as soon as you can. You’ll find the latest news and event, giveaways, and extras that you’ll appreciate, while also finding great gift ideas for handmade gift ideas and DIY crafts. Plan for the upcoming holidays with your crafting talents for all of the major holidays. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas once again around the corner, you’ll want to check out this opportunity to find great stuff for your crafting jobs. You’ll even find some off-the-wall crafts like edible crafts and polymer craft, so the limits are only your imagination!

5-Minute Crafts

If you want to create crafts in a hurry, how about this blog that focuses on 5-minute crafts? Didn’t think you could create a craft that fast? Well, check out this YouTube blog and find out how you can do it, too! You’ll also see many sewing hacks and other unique how-to videos that help you get more productive with your crafts. This can come in handy if you are a craftsperson who wants to ramp up your crafting business for Etsy and you need to crank up your productivity. This might also be a great resource for teachers who teach young children how to craft in the school setting where time and materials are limited, but you want to create an interest in individual projects.

Crafts by Amanda

Do you want to create some great crafts but don’t have the time to learn it? Well, think again! Amanda Formaro will show you numerous crafting projects and show you how to do it every step of the way. Amanda features crafting tutorials and videos that include kid’s crafts, painting projects, recycled crafts, and much more. Need a unique crafting idea for an upcoming wedding? Amanda will show you that, too! She has a seemingly unending connection to a variety of resources that will help you to make something out of nothing. You will be able to make a variety of crafts out of random items that you can find out of your own home.

Factory Direct Crafts

If you are a crafts guru but in need of craft supplies, here’s a great way to get them. This blog specializes in providing customers with unique decor, crafting supplies and findings, and much more. They are a business, not just an online crafting publication, so you’ll find their wholesale program beneficial whether you are a craft supplies buyer for resale or to use for your crafts. First-time users will also have access to an online coupon that you can redeem the first time you visit their site.

Tip Junkie

If you are a creative craft junkie, try this online blog to develop your creative crafts and DIY projects with this online blog. You’ll find plenty of other stuff like step-by-step instructions on how to make or print out your crafts. They promote creative women through various products and services and offer a variety of tutorials that resonate with DIY crafters.

Create and Craft Blog

Create and Craft Blog is a dedicated craft tv channel that is focused on providing specific craft information guides for hobbyists and craft projects. This blog’s goal is to educate and inspire crafters by providing demonstrations and guides from the experts in the crafts niche. They take a multi-channel approach and of course focus on video as the medium of communication.

Fun Family Crafts

If you are on the hunt for great family fun crafts, you’ll find this blog to be a great resource. They offer regular posts and tutorials, sewing patterns, and edible craft ideas. If you are a teacher, parent, or anyone who works with kids, you’ll find this to be one of your best resources for special occasions and holidays. They feature about eleven unique posts per week so be sure to check them out to refer to as the holidays get closer. You’ll find something keen to try!

How to Start a Blog of Your Own in the Next 10 Minutes

We’d bet you’re more than ready to start a blog! Let’s turn your excitement into good energy. Maybe one or two features of some of the blogs above gave you an idea of how you’d like your blog to look like. Keep those in mind as they’ll definitely be handy. Now, just follow this guide we’ve made and you’ll be on the right path.

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Happy crafting and blogging, very soon!