Best eSports Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

eSports is growing at a faster rate than traditional sports, and with the latest advancements in online gaming, the metaverse and virtual gaming — it looks like that progression of growth is here to stay. New games are constantly entering the market and disrupting the established ones. Apex Legends, for example, had one million players within eight hours of launch. The Valorant closed beta has garnered 34 million hours of watch time and peaked at 1.7m viewers on its first day.

Today’s esports tournaments generate huge amounts of money. For example, the Dota 2 International and the Fortnite World Cup each feature a prize pool of $30 million. The Fortnite World Cup is expected to be even bigger, with Epic Games setting aside $100 million. A recent tournament, the Fortnite World Cup, reportedly raked in $3 million for professional Fortnite gamer Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who is just sixteen years old. The prize money in esports is now the largest in history, and it’s only growing.

While video games have always been popular, esports began to gain popularity in the mainstream media. The first competitive games, such as Spacewar, became increasingly popular. As gaming technology improved, this competition system grew, and competitions expanded to exhibitions like Gamescom and standalone stadium events. These events are incredibly lucrative and attract huge crowds. But not everyone can afford to pay to watch these events. But, if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in esports, now’s the time to start playing!

List of the Top eSports Blogs on the Internet Today

In order to find the latest news and information on everything relating to esports, you need to know where to look. To help in this endless journey, we’ve listed some of the most popular and best esports websites, blogs and social media hashtags below.

Site NameURLTwitter Handle
ESPN Esports
Dot Esports
The Esports Observer
The Score Esports
Esports Insider
Inven Global
Esports News UK
Esports Insider Asia
Esports Talk
Esports News UK
Esports Insider LATAM
Esports Scotland
Ginx Esports TV
Esports Insider MENA
Esports Insider NA
Esports Insider BR
Esports Insider FR

eSports Hashtags on Social Media

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