Best Facts Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

We all love learning new facts, whether it’s about history, science, or even pop culture. And what better way to learn these facts than by visiting a website dedicated to providing accurate information?

Fact websites are a great resource for anyone looking to learn something new. They offer a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, and they’re usually updated regularly with new information. And with more ‘fake news’ floating around the internet than ever before, these types of facts blogs and websites are now in demand more than ever.

What’s more, fact websites are often free to use, which makes them an affordable way to expand your knowledge. And if you’re ever in doubt about the accuracy of a particular fact, you can usually find another source to corroborate it.

So why do people love fact websites so much? Well, there are several reasons. First, they’re a great way to learn something new. Second, they’re usually free to use. And third, they offer a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to learn something new, then be sure to check out all of the fact checking websites and informational resources below.

Facts Blogs
Fact or Fiction… you decide? There are plenty of resources online for anything you need to find out.

Top Fact Checking Websites

There are a lot of fake news stories circulating around the internet these days. It’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Thankfully, there are a few websites that can help you sort out the facts from the fiction. Here are the top fact checking websites:


Snopes is one of the oldest and most well-known fact checking websites. They have been around since 1994 and have a team of professional researchers who investigate claims and urban legends.

This website is run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. They check the accuracy of political ads, statements, and claims.


PolitiFact is run by journalists who fact check statements by politicians and public figures. They rate the accuracy of the statements on a scale of “true” to “false.”

The Washington Post Fact Checker

The Washington Post has a team of reporters and editors who fact check claims made by politicians, pundits, and others. They also give each claim a “Pinocchio rating” to indicate how accurate it is.

These websites can help you separate the facts from the fiction and make sure that you are getting your information from reliable sources. They are also quite popular for both conservatives and liberals, as they are always discussing the opposite sides of conversations at hand.

There are plenty of fake news and fact checking videos on YouTube.

List of the Top Facts Blogs on the Internet Today

We present to you the carefully curated list of the top facts blogs on the web today. You can check them out to up your fact game! While you’re at it, you can also learn about blogging through these blogs.

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How Websites and Resources Verify Information as Facts

There are a variety of ways to verify facts and information. The most common method is to check with multiple sources. This ensures that the information is coming from more than one place and is therefore more likely to be accurate.

Another way to verify information is to cross-check it with other sources. This can be done by looking for corroborating evidence or by checking for contradictory evidence. If the information checks out with both, then it is more likely to be true.

Of course, sometimes the best way to verify information is simply to trust your own judgement. If something doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t. Sometimes the gut feeling is the best indicator of whether or not something is true.

In the end, there is no surefire way to verify every fact or piece of information. However, by using multiple methods of verification, you can increase the chances that the information you are working with is accurate.

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