Best First Grade Teacher Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

There are many first grade teacher resources available to educators. First grade teachers are tasked with developing students’ educational skills and creating a non-judgmental environment in the classroom. They must be an excellent listener and organizer, and they must have a love for early education and the desire to nurture learning. They usually teach an academic curriculum as well as a theological one. A great first grade teacher will engage parents whenever possible.

The main goal of phonics instruction is to teach students to write words and sentences. The goal is to integrate phonics work into all other subjects, and students should practice on writing practice pages. Using practice pages helps struggling writers develop their confidence and encourage them to make up their own sentences. Ultimately, they will be more confident writers. The resources listed here will help you get started. Once you have established a rhythm for your teaching, it will be much easier to motivate your students to learn.

Resources for the first grade include math, science, language arts, and social studies. Many resources include lesson plans and worksheets for each subject and skill level. They will save you a lot of time by removing the need for tedious lesson planning. In addition, there are dozens of teacher resources available on the Internet that can help you teach a particular subject to your students. If you want to create an engaging lesson plan, consider using an online lesson planning tool such as Scholastic Teachables.

List of the Top First Grade Teacher Blogs on the Internet Today

If you’re a grade school teacher with a fair share of experience and school tricks, starting a blog can be a great stress-reliever. Let us show you the top first-grade teacher blogs on the web to show you the look and feel of a quality blog. Get inspired and even gain new insights as you go through each site!

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First Grade Teacher Hashtags on Social Media

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