Best Graphic Design Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Historically, graphic design has evolved from its earliest roots in cave paintings to the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages to the neon lights of Ginza, Tokyo. The field of graphic design can be traced back to the ancient civilization of Babylon, where artisans pressed cuneiform inscriptions into clay bricks for construction, advertisement, and identification of dignitaries. The field expanded tremendously during the 20th century, when graphic designers began designing posters, book jackets, posters, compact disc covers, and other print media.

A successful graphic designer understands the connection between the client and the audience. Using a combination of design techniques, a graphic designer can make a communication appealing and successful. Moreover, a graphic designer can connect with market researchers and other specialists to get a better understanding of the audience. Once the client has an idea of how to present the content, a graphic designer can start the process of creating a layout and implementing it.

Another important element in design is shape. Shapes are defined areas created by lines. They can be geometric, organic, or abstract. Color is another important design element. The psychology of color has a few distinct characteristics. It can influence the emotional response of the viewer. A design that uses color effectively can evoke certain feelings or set a tone. So, a good graphic designer should use these principles to their advantage. For instance, if a certain color symbolizes an emotion, a good one should express that emotion through the text.

List of the Graphic Design Blogs Websites and Blogs on the Internet Today

To learn more about the latest software, techniques and expertise happening in the world of graphic design, be sure to view the list of top sites below.

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