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There are many reasons people fall in love with a place. When it comes to Hawaii, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is that reason. Perhaps, it’s because everything that Hawaii is and all things Hawaii has to offer makes us all feel like we’re in paradise. People would want to more about the place they love or the place they’ve been dreaming of visiting. Place-specific blogs have become handy directories, travel guides, and tourism boosters.

List of the Top Hawaii Vacation Blogs on the Internet Today

Millions of people are always looking for vacation blogs to be able to do DIY trips, find guides, and do research to know what to expect about a place. If you want to start your own blog, whether its dedicated to Hawaii or something else you’re passionate about, you’ll find this list quite helpful. Each Hawaii Vacation blog offers something unique. Go check them out and don’t forget to take note of the things that stick to you from each site.


Go Visit Hawaii

Go Visit Hawaii is your unbiased source for staying up to date on everything Hawaii has to offer. They bring you the news and reviews on Hawaii’s deals, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment. This blog helps you wade through the masses of Hawaii travel information to help you find all the best things to see, do and experience when you visit Hawaii.

Whether you are planning a Hawaii vacation or just dreaming of one, you’ll get a fresh taste of Hawaii weekly at Go Visit Hawaii. Their ultimate goal is to provide Hawaii travel advice that helps you make the most of your vacation time and budget.


Big Island Now

Big Island Now is the online source for Big Island news, events, weather, sports, opinion, video, jobs and much more. They provide the people of Hawaii with up-to-the-minute coverage of what is happening on the island. They completely focused on covering the news that matters to the island of Hawaii.

Big Island Now is staffed by Hawaii residents and is supported by local businesses and organizations. They have strict policies concerning editorial integrity and ethical standards. They do not publish advertorials or any other paid content.


Hawaii Business magazine

Hawaii Business magazine covers the major issues facing local businesses and the state economy. Their goal is to strengthen the local economy and help the community thrive. Hawaii Business magazine is a respected, relevant and engaging resource for Hawaii’s business community. Established in 1955, They are the longest-running regional business magazine in America.

Their articles focus on the big issues affecting Hawaii’s economy and businesses, including jobs, profit and loss, education, housing and much more. They also aim to be useful to their readers by providing information that helps their companies succeed and helps people advance their careers.

If you are planning a vacation in Hawaii, experience the best Hawaii has to offer without spending a fortune on your Hawaii vacation by visiting is the leading blog about planning travel to and within the Hawaiian Islands. The site connects travelers with their choice of island accommodations as well as the best in activities, shopping, dining and more.

The blog is owned and operated by Oahu Publications Inc., parent company of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, West Hawaii Today, Hawaii Tribune-Herald and The Garden Island. OPI’s family of visitor publications features 101 Things To Do, Waikiki Magazine, the USA Today Hawaii Edition and a growing selection of resort in-room books.


Roberts Hawaii

Roberts Hawaii provides quality transportation, tours, and entertainment in a safe and service-focused manner, delivered by employees who perpetuate the unique culture of Hawaii. They indeed provide some of the best guided tours & quality transportation in Hawaii.

Roberts Hawaii is the largest employee-owned tours and transportation company, and they also provide a wide variety of sightseeing tours and excursions. Their commitment has always been to the customers, and they consistently strive to offer first-class service with a genuine aloha spirit.


Labor Hawaii | Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

The department of labor and industrial relations is headed by a single executive to be known as the director of labor and industrial relations. The department administers programs designed to increase the economic security, physical and economic well-being, and productivity of workers, and to achieve good labor-management relations, including the administration of workers’ compensation, employment security, apprenticeship training, wage and hour, and industrial relations laws. 

The department also has the function of developing, preparing, and disseminating information on employment, unemployment, and general labor market conditions.


Hawaii Aloha Travel

Hawaii Aloha Travel is the official site for Hawaii Aloha Travel,LLC, a licensed Travel Agency located in Honolulu. You can plan Hawaii vacations with Hawaii Aloha Travel – book hotel and airfare, choose all-inclusive Hawaii vacation packages, or create your own Hawaiian vacation.

They don’t use high pressure tactics to get you to purchase a package, on the contrary, they want you to know all the details about your trip before making a commitment and you do not have to pay for your trip up front.


The Tasty Island

Blog owner, Pomai, uses this blog to share her experiences on enjoying the wonderful food of Hawaii, with a focus on Honolulu on the island of Oahu. This includes recipes and reviews of eateries ranging from the neighborhood plate lunch stand to fine dining restaurants.

The Tasty Island uses an informal rating system based on Hawaii’s very own Spam Musubi icon, and new since June 2012, an Ume Musubi icon. Informal, meaning that the “Musubi Grade” isn’t mathematically averaged from total point scores on a set of various criteria, but simply by her overall impression of the restaurant, item or recipe at hand.


Weddings of Hawaii

A retired Reverend, Hansen, thought there should be a simple way for a couple to have an intimate ceremony with their feet in the beautiful Hawaiian sand. With that idea, Weddings of Hawaii was founded. It became the joy of his life, his passion. He helped pioneer the destination wedding industry in Hawaii. Reverend Hansen spent the rest of his life surrounded by couples in love and cherished every moment.

For over 40 years, weddings of Hawaii, has served thousands of couples on their wedding day. They are highly-skilled, dedicated professionals who share a calling, not just a business.


Experience Kona Hawaii

This blog will take you all over Kailua Kona and the Big Island of Hawaii with facts, stories and videos. This blog is packed full of information about Kona, Hi and the Big Island of Hawaii. The editors have done a thorough research about specific areas throughout the Island.

They even have a section that goes over the towns on the Big Island as well as individual pages for each of the towns. They uncover the beaches that are both known to the world as well as the hidden gems that only the few that can get to them know about them, they go into in-depth information about each of the Beaches.

How to Get Started with Your Own Hawaii Vacation Blog

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