Best Housewife Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

The definition of a housewife is an occupation that a woman performs to take care of her family. She is usually married and probably has children, and her primary job is to run the home. The word housewife has a long history, dating back to the 13th century. The word housewife describes a woman’s role in society, in relation to her marriage and her relationship to her husband. A common substitute for housewife is homemaker.

In Victorian England, the term housewife was a realistic one, as women were expected to take care of their families and raise children. In fact, in 19th-century England, between a third and half of all married women were working outside the home, according to the 1891 census. Some historians believe that the census undercounted the number of working women. Although many women were proud to be housewives, some, like Florence Nightingale, pursued careers outside the home.

In modern times, the word housewife has been equated with a housewife who does not work outside the home. The definition of a housewife has changed to emphasize her role in the home as a devoted wife and mother. It does not increase the burden of the role, but elevates her personality and spirit. Though housewifery looks different in each marriage, it is always the wife’s duty. The job can be grueling, but it is rewarding, fulfilling and gratifying.

List of the Housewife Blogs Websites and Blogs on the Internet Today

The phrase “housewife” certainly doesn’t mean with it used to in years past. Now it’s an honor to be considered a housewife, and they even have reality shows based it! To see what’s happening in the world of housewives everywhere, be sure to visit a few of the top sites and blogs listed below.

Site NameFacebook FollowersTwitter FollowersWebsite
The Transformed
The Organised Housewife91.8KN/
One Hundred Dollars a
The Fashionable
The Urban
Housewife Eclectic25KN/
NieNie Dialogues13.3KN/
The Diary of a Real
Housewife How-To’
The Denver
Rural Revolution385N/
Retro Housewife Goes
April J
The stylish
The Legacy of Home2.9KN/
Real Housewives of Minnesota2.8KN/

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