Best Pit Bull Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2023

Are you a pit bull enthusiast looking for the best resources to stay informed and connected with the community? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top pit bull blogs and hashtags to follow in 2023.

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Pit bulls are amazing dogs with unique personalities and qualities that make them great pets. However, they are often misunderstood and misrepresented in the media. That’s why it’s essential to have access to accurate information and resources from trusted sources.

From expert advice and training tips to inspiring stories and advocacy efforts, these blogs and hashtags offer valuable insights and connections for pit bull lovers and enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow the top pit bull blogs for expert advice and tips.
  • Use hashtags to connect with the pit bull community on social media platforms.
  • Stay informed about breed-specific legislation (BSL) updates through pit bull blogs.
  • Join the pit bull community and connect with like-minded individuals.

Understanding Pit Bulls: A Brief Introduction

Pit bulls have a thriving community of enthusiasts, advocates, and lovers. These amazing canines have gained widespread popularity in recent years, with many people embracing them as loyal and loving companions. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding pit bulls, which can lead to discrimination and unfair treatment.

Pit bull enthusiasts are passionate about these dogs and work tirelessly to promote accurate information and resources. They believe that with the right care, training, and socialization, pit bulls can make wonderful family pets. This community is made up of people from all walks of life, including breeders, trainers, rescuers, and pet owners.

Pit bull advocates are actively involved in promoting the breed and fighting against discrimination. They lobby against breed-specific legislation and work to educate the public about the true nature of these dogs. Advocates believe that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous and that it is the responsibility of owners to ensure their pets are well-behaved and safe.

Pit bull lovers are simply people who have fallen in love with these amazing dogs. They appreciate the unique personality and character of pit bulls and enjoy spending time with them. Many lovers share their experiences and stories through various blogs, helping to spread awareness and understanding about the breed.

If you are interested in learning more about pit bulls and their community, there are many resources available. From blogs to social media groups, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and share your passion for these amazing dogs.

Pit Bull Enthusiasts

Top Pit Bull Blogs for Expert Advice and Tips

When it comes to pit bulls, gaining valuable insights and expert advice can be crucial for promoting responsible ownership and ensuring a happy and healthy life for your furry friend. The following pit bull blogs offer a wealth of information and resources for pit bull enthusiasts:

Blog Name Description
Pit Bull Rescue Central Pit Bull Rescue Central is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls in need. Their blog offers a wealth of information on pit bull behavior, training, and health, as well as updates on adoption events and success stories. is a comprehensive resource for pit bull owners, featuring articles on a wide range of topics, including nutrition, exercise, and grooming. Their blog also provides training tips and information on breed-specific legislation.
Pit Bull Training and Breed Information Pit Bull Training and Breed Information is a blog dedicated to promoting positive interactions between pit bulls and their owners. They offer valuable insights and tips on training techniques, as well as information on common behavior issues and how to address them.
Pit Bull Chat Pit Bull Chat is an online forum for pit bull lovers to connect and discuss all things pit bull-related. Their blog provides valuable resources and information on pit bull health, training, and advocacy, as well as updates on events and news impacting the breed.

Whether you’re a seasoned pit bull owner or considering adopting one, these blogs offer a wealth of information and resources to help you provide the best possible care for your furry friend. Stay informed and connected to the pit bull community through these valuable resources.

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Inspiring Stories: Pit Bulls and Their Impact

Reading about the experiences of other pit bull lovers can be incredibly inspiring. Their stories not only highlight the positive impact that these dogs have had on their lives, but also help to break down harmful stereotypes and misconceptions.

One blog that features heartwarming pit bull stories is The Little Red Dog. This organization works to rescue and rehabilitate pit bulls, and their blog features personal stories from adopters and fosters. One particularly touching story is about a pit bull named Julius who was saved from an abusive situation and went on to bring joy and comfort to a young girl with cancer.

Another blog that shares inspiring pit bull tales is The Lazy Pit Bull. Their blog highlights adoption success stories and also features guest posts from pit bull owners who share their experiences. One story that stands out is about a pit bull named Doogie, who was able to help his owner overcome depression and anxiety.

Pit Bull Lovers

For even more uplifting pit bull stories, check out the blog at Love-A-Bull. This organization works to promote responsible pit bull ownership and break down breed stereotypes. Their blog features stories of pit bulls who have overcome obstacles, as well as posts from pit bull advocates who are making a difference in their communities.

If you’re ever feeling discouraged or frustrated by the negative attention that pit bulls often receive, take some time to read about the inspiring dogs and people who are making a difference in their lives. Their stories will remind you of the incredible impact that pit bulls can have and why they deserve to be loved and celebrated.

Hashtags to Connect with the Pit Bull Community

If you’re a pit bull lover or enthusiast, connecting with others who share your passion can be a great source of support and inspiration. Social media is a popular platform for pit bull owners and advocates, and using hashtags can help you find like-minded individuals and engage in the online conversation.

Here are some popular pit bull hashtags to follow:

  • #pitbullsofinstagram: With over 12 million posts, this hashtag is a great way to see adorable pictures of pit bulls and connect with their owners.
  • #dontbullymybreed: This hashtag is used by pit bull advocates to combat breed-specific legislation (BSL) and promote responsible ownership.
  • #adoptdontshop: Many pit bulls end up in shelters due to misconceptions about the breed, and this hashtag is used to encourage adoption.
  • #pitbullpride: This hashtag celebrates everything that makes pit bulls special, from their loyalty to their goofiness.
  • #pitbullsarelove: As the name suggests, this hashtag is all about spreading love for pit bulls and sharing heartwarming stories and photos.

Whether you’re a new pit bull owner or a long-time enthusiast, these hashtags are a great way to connect with the pit bull community and find support and inspiration. So start exploring, and don’t forget to share your own pit bull stories and pictures!

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Pit Bull Training and Behavior Blogs

Training and behavior are crucial aspects of raising a happy and well-adjusted pit bull. Fortunately, there are several blogs that provide valuable insights and guidance to help you train your pit bull effectively and address any problem behaviors. is a comprehensive resource for all things pit bull, including training and behavior. The blog features articles on obedience training, socialization, and common behavior problems such as chewing and barking. The site also offers a forum where pit bull owners can connect and share advice.

Blog Name Focus
Pit Bull Training HQ Training tips and techniques
Pit Bull Press Behavior and training resources
My Pit Bull Friend Behavior issues and positive training methods

Pit Bull Training HQ specializes in providing training tips and techniques for pit bull owners. The blog tackles common issues such as leash pulling and jumping, and provides step-by-step guides for teaching basic commands like sit and stay.

Pit Bull Press is another great resource for behavior and training information. The blog features articles on topics such as crate training, socialization, and dealing with fear and aggression. It also offers a directory of pit bull trainers and behaviorists.

My Pit Bull Friend focuses on positive training methods and addressing problem behaviors. The blog offers tips for dealing with separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs, and more. It also features personal stories from pit bull owners and advocates.

Remember, training and behavior go hand in hand with responsible pit bull ownership. Make sure to seek out reputable resources and work with a qualified trainer or behaviorist if necessary.

pit bull training

Health and Wellness: Pit Bull Blogs

Pit bulls are known for their energy and athleticism, but just like any other dog, they need proper care and attention to keep them healthy and happy. These blogs specialize in providing information on the health and wellness of these amazing canines.

Blog Description
The Pit Bull Life This blog is dedicated to providing insights and tips on pit bull care, nutrition, and health. It also features inspiring stories of pit bulls and their owners.
Pitlandia This blog provides valuable information on proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming for pit bulls. It also highlights adoptable pit bulls in need of foster or forever homes.
Pit Bull Gazette & Health News This blog focuses on the health and wellness of pit bulls, providing in-depth articles on everything from preventive care to common illnesses. It also features interviews with veterinarians and other experts in the field.

By following these blogs, pit bull owners and enthusiasts can stay informed about the latest trends and developments related to the breed’s health and wellness. From nutrition to exercise to preventive care, these resources provide a wealth of information for anyone interested in caring for pit bulls.

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Pit Bull Advocacy and Rescue Blogs

Pit bull advocates and lovers have established several blogs dedicated to promoting the breed and providing support to pit bull owners. These blogs highlight the positive attributes of pit bulls, including their loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate nature.

One excellent example is the “Love-A-Bull” blog. This blog is run by a group of pit bull advocates who work to dispel negative stereotypes associated with the breed. They focus on promoting responsible ownership and provide guidance on training, health, and socialization.

pit bull advocates and rescue

Another inspiring blog is “Pit Bull Rescue Central.” This blog is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls and raising awareness about breed-specific legislation (BSL). The organization offers support and resources to pit bull owners, including tips on finding qualified trainers and veterinarians.

“For the Love of Pitties” is another must-follow pit bull advocacy blog. This blog showcases inspiring stories shared by pit bull owners, highlighting the amazing resilience and loyalty of these dogs. The blog is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to promote responsible ownership and advocate for pit bulls.

These pit bull advocacy and rescue blogs offer valuable information, resources, and support to the pit bull community. They serve as a reminder that pit bulls are intelligent, loving, and loyal companions who deserve our love and respect.

Pit Bull Blogs for Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) Updates

Pit bull lovers and owners have long been advocating for the elimination of breed-specific legislation (BSL) that unfairly targets pit bulls and other breeds deemed “dangerous” by local governments.

Staying informed about BSL is crucial for advocates and pit bull owners alike. It is important to know the laws and ordinances that apply to your area to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal repercussions.

The following pit bull blogs provide updates on BSL and offer valuable information and resources for those affected by it:

Blog Name Description
The Paw Print Blog This blog features advocacy efforts to eliminate BSL across the country. It also offers legal resources and news updates on BSL cases.
Bully Law This blog focuses specifically on legal issues related to pit bulls and BSL. It provides a network of attorneys and advocates who specialize in pit bull-related legal matters.
Pit Bull Legal News Stay up-to-date on pit bull-related legal news with this blog. It covers BSL updates as well as other legal issues that affect pit bull owners.

By following these blogs, pit bull owners and advocates can stay informed about BSL developments and take action to support the elimination of unfair laws that target pit bulls and other breeds.

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Pit Bull Blogs for Education and Advocacy:

There are many pit bull blogs dedicated to education and advocacy, providing accurate information about the breed and addressing common misconceptions. These blogs work tirelessly to promote responsible ownership and debunk stereotypes surrounding pit bulls.

One such blog is Bad Rap, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the humane treatment of pit bulls and runs a successful adoption program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their blog covers a range of topics, from breed-specific legislation to positive training techniques, and they provide a wealth of resources for advocacy and education.

Another excellent resource is ThoughtCo’s Pit Bull and American Bully Blog, which offers accurate and detailed information about the breed’s history, temperament, and physical characteristics. Their team of experts includes veterinarians, trainers, and breed enthusiasts who work to promote a positive image of pit bulls while addressing common misconceptions.

For those interested in advocacy and activism, National Pit Bull Victim Awareness is an excellent resource. Their blog focuses on issues related to pit bull attacks and the impact of owning pit bulls in communities. They advocate for public safety and offer support to victims and their families while challenging the myths that surround this breed.

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These blogs, among many others, are essential for educating the public and promoting responsible ownership of pit bulls. By advocating for the breed, challenging stereotypes, and providing accurate information, these bloggers are making a positive impact on the pit bull community and beyond.

Join the Pit Bull Community: Connecting and Supporting Each Other

If you’re a pit bull lover or enthusiast, joining the pit bull community can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you connect with like-minded individuals, but you’ll also have a platform for sharing your love and knowledge of this amazing breed. Here are some ways to get involved:

1. Follow Pit Bull Blogs and Social Media Accounts

One way to stay connected with the pit bull community is by following pit bull blogs and social media accounts. These platforms offer a wealth of information and resources, as well as opportunities to engage with other pit bull lovers. You can find a list of the best pit bull blogs and hashtags to follow in 2023 in the first section of this article.

2. Attend Pit Bull Events

Attending pit bull events is another great way to connect with the community. These events range from adoption events and fundraisers to parades and meetups. Check with local shelters, rescues, and pit bull advocacy groups to find events in your area.

3. Join Pit Bull Forums

Forums are a great way to connect with other pit bull enthusiasts and share your experiences. They provide a platform for discussion and support, as well as a place to ask questions and seek advice. Some popular pit bull forums include Pit Bull Chat and Game-Dog.

4. Volunteer with Pit Bull Rescues and Advocacy Groups

If you’re looking to make a difference in the pit bull community, consider volunteering with a pit bull rescue or advocacy group. These organizations work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and promote responsible ownership of pit bulls. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience and a way to give back to the community you love.

Joining the pit bull community is about connecting with other pit bull lovers and supporting each other. Whether you follow pit bull blogs, attend events, join forums, or volunteer with pit bull organizations, there are endless opportunities to get involved and make a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the pit bull community today!


Q: What are the best pit bull blogs to follow?

A: Some of the best pit bull blogs to follow in 2023 are [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3]. These blogs provide valuable information, resources, and expert advice on pit bull ownership, training, health, and advocacy.

Q: What are some popular pit bull hashtags to use on social media?

A: If you want to connect with the pit bull community on social media, consider using hashtags like #PitBullLove, #PitBullNation, and #PitBullAdvocate. These hashtags are commonly used by pit bull lovers and enthusiasts to share photos, stories, and information related to pit bulls.

Q: Where can I find pit bull blogs that specialize in training and behavior?

A: If you’re looking for pit bull blogs that focus on training and behavior, check out [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3]. These blogs offer valuable insights, techniques, and tips for training your pit bull and addressing common behavior issues.

Q: Are there any pit bull blogs that provide information on health and wellness?

A: Yes, there are several pit bull blogs that specialize in providing information on the health and wellness of these amazing canines. Some recommended blogs include [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3]. They cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, grooming, and preventive care.

Q: Which pit bull blogs focus on advocacy and rescue?

A: If you’re interested in learning more about pit bull advocacy and rescue, be sure to check out [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3]. These blogs highlight organizations and individuals dedicated to raising awareness about the breed and promoting responsible ownership.

Q: Where can I find updates on breed-specific legislation (BSL) related to pit bulls?

A: For updates and information on breed-specific legislation (BSL) affecting pit bulls, visit [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3]. These blogs provide valuable resources and insights on the legal issues surrounding pit bulls.

Q: Are there any pit bull blogs that focus on education and debunking stereotypes?

A: Absolutely! There are several pit bull blogs that strive to provide accurate information about the breed and debunk stereotypes. Check out [Blog 1], [Blog 2], and [Blog 3] for educational content and advocacy efforts that promote responsible ownership and challenge misconceptions.

Q: How can I connect with the pit bull community?

A: To connect with the pit bull community, consider joining social media groups and using hashtags like #PitBullCommunity and #PitBullEnthusiast. You can also participate in local events, attend meetups, and engage in online forums or discussions to connect and support fellow pit bull lovers and enthusiasts.