Best Political Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2022

Politics have always been one of the hottest and most unavoidable topics that are up for debate. The same can be said about the world of political blogging, as this makes it easier for someone to discuss their opinions and feelings with the rest of the world while also not getting criticized in person. When looking at some of the top political blogs on the internet today you will also find they have a wide range of writers and views on various topics.

If you’re interested in how political parties (conservative or liberal) work, it is important to understand how they choose their candidates. While political parties have experimented with modern democracy for more than 200 years, they still struggle with the question of how to pick the best candidate. It’s important to understand what factors are considered in the selection process and when each step in the process is crucial to the success of a political party. The best candidate for a particular political party is different from another at different times, so this issue is not an easy one to answer.

Historically, political parties began to structure when they were tolerated. In modern-day Britain, political parties favor individual talent over party organization. In Germany, the process is very different. It’s now the party’s responsibility to choose a leader for its next Prime Minister, and the party’s leadership selection process is structured by two distinct phases. First, a parliamentary faction vets a list of prospective candidates to a maximum of two contenders. Then, the party’s membership votes on these two candidates, under the one-man-one-vote system.

While candidate selection does not guarantee victory on election day, it can transform a party’s public image. While candidates are often viewed as a way to win elections, these benefits should be seen in the long-term. Sometimes, they serve as a means to quell internal disagreements and to ensure the survival of the party. In such a case, they might be necessary to change the rules of the game and democratize party selection processes.

List of the Best Political Blogs on the Internet Today

Since we are on the topic of political blogging, we thought it would be great to compile a list of some of the top political blogs in the world today. No matter if you are Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, you will likely find a ton of value through each of the political blogs below.

While looking through each of the sites in the list below, be sure to think about what you like best about each of them. This can be the content that they create, the design of their site, or simply they’re writing style and how they relate to their audience. For even more information on each site, also be sure to check out their social profiles and how they brand themselves in other locations.

Site NameURLTwitter
The Hill
Talking Points Memo
The Daily Beast
The Atlantic
Mother Jones
Crooked Media
Roll Call
The Nation
The New Republic
The American Conservative
Daily Kos
Politico Magazine
The Gateway Pundit
National Review
Washington Monthly
City Journal
American Thinker
The Bulwark

Political Hashtags on Social Media

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