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Teachers are truly our modern day heroes. Having children spend most of their time at school, teachers become their second parents. All the while they aid in shaping not only their academic growth but also their and holistic growth. Being a teacher may have its own ups and downs but seeing their students succeed and achieve great things is one of the most rewarding events in the academe.

Teachers that are very passionate about their job and would often go out of their way to make learning engaging and fun. Teacher blogs are a great way to get new ideas for lecture planning, class activities, class projects, and so much more. If you want to share your experiences, journey, or teaching hacks, starting a blog of your own can help you in many ways while it also gives you the chance to help other teachers.

List of the Top Teacher Blogs on the Internet Today

We’ve picked out wonderful teacher blogs you could browse through. You could take note of the things about each blog that stands out to you.

Teaching With Love and Laughter

This blog is a kindergarten, first grade, and a second grade teaching blog. It is focused on writing, grammar, reading, and social studies. Blog owner, Lori, has taught every grade from Pre-k through fifth grade.

She shares insights and resources acquired from her 21 years teaching experience. Whether you are new to teaching or have already been teaching a long time, you could really learn something new from Lori by visiting her blog.


The First Grade Parade

The First Grade Parade blog is all about primary education. The founder of the blog, Carol is currently an educational consultant and she loves helping teachers, whether it be through meaningful and engaging professional development, mentoring, one-on-one consulting, or even just an encouraging smile and a pat on the back. She is an advocate for teacher and student growth and development.

Through her blog, she provides teachers with ideas to create learning opportunities that allow them to enrich their students understanding and create memorable experiences that establish meaningful connections across the curriculum.


What the Teacher Wants

What the Teacher Wants was started in 2010 as a way for the blog’s owner, Rachelle, to post pictures of her classroom and share her teaching ideas. Natalie a close friend and sorority sister of Rachelle is a guest blogger on What The Teacher Wants. They share teaching ideas for the K-6th grade classrooms to make life easier for the teacher and learning fun for the students.


Inspired Elementary

This blog is all about sharing fun, engaging, hands-on activities, to inspire a love of learning in elementary children.  Blog owner Erin has been teaching for 11 years and had most of her experience in primary.

She creates lessons for students that would get them excited about learning, and does that full-time. She also develops curriculum for elementary teachers.


EduKate and Inspire

This is a blog founded by Kate, who is currently an elementary school counselor, and she shares her experiences as a school counselor and a former elementary school teacher on her blog to educate other teachers.

She creates lessons that both educate and inspire children. She also shares creative counseling lessons, social-emotional book reviews, and documentation tips.


Comprehension Connection

This blog is a haven for literacy resources and ideas. Blog owner, Carla, is a reading specialist and literacy coach sharing ideas and materials to help teachers and parents with literacy instruction. She is an elementary Reading Specialist and a contributor to Adventures in Literacy Land.

On her blog, she shares insights and free resources for everyone who willing to tap from her years of experience as an educationist. She also designs curriculum for Elementary schools.


Ideas by Jivey

Jivey is passionate about making literacy accessible for all students using research-based strategies. Students learn best through content integration and in-context skills, and her my goal is to help teachers deliver their instruction with these best practices.

As a teacher, she understands the day-to-day struggle to get it all done. The goal of her blog is to help lighten your load with quality ideas and activities for teachers.


Erica’s Ed-venture

This is a teaching blog by Erica Bohrer. Erica teaches first grade and loves creating fun, engaging, and visually appealing teaching resources. She has a master’s degree in elementary education. She is also a certified mentor teacher and a teacher conference partner. She devices new ways to reach her students through small group instructions and differentiation.

Erica blogs about those effective new ways for other teachers to benefit from. She also has lots of resources on her blog that both teachers and students could find useful.


The Happy Teacher

The Happy Teacher provides teaching tips, tricks, resources, and tools to help you stay organized, prepared, and ready for the day. A great source for classroom management tools and organization tips. You will find activities, games, worksheets, and printables for the K-2 classroom.

The blog also has educative articles about family, lifestyle, and fun activities you could use to engage students.


Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

The blog owner, Jamie, is a curriculum developer and teacher, blogger who designs lessons and activities to teach common core standards in language arts, math and classroom management.

They create interactive notebook lessons and task cards for classrooms and share tips and effective teaching techniques with their blog readers.

How to Get Started with Your Own Teacher Blog

Now that you’ve seen some of the best blogs for teachers, we’d bet you’re more than ready to start your own teacher blog. The sooner you launch your own blog or website, the more time you have to improve it and grow your following.

What are the basic requirements? Well, all you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and a strategy to create content.

First, choose a domain name. Do you want it to rhyme just like Comprehension Connection? Or do you want to incorporate your name like EduKate & Inspire? It’s totally up to you!

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