Best Weaving Blogs and Hashtags to Follow in 2022

Weaving is the process of lacing together two or more threads to create cloth. The fibers that are woven together are usually natural or synthetic. In weaving, the threads are stacked on a loom, where they are held taut and interlaced at the right angles. The process of weaving has existed for thousands of years, but remains popular and useful even today.

To begin weaving, you must first learn how to spin and weave. Weaving is a highly skilled art that can be traced back thousands of years to ancient times. Before the 14th century, weavers used a distaff and spindle. This method signified closeness and the role of the women in the household economy. Ancient Greeks and Romans were noted to have woven cloth for their clothing, but they also woven straw and reeds into rugs. Weaving techniques have evolved to accommodate different types of fabrics.

The most common types of weaving include tapestry, woven silk, and some supplementary weft techniques. Some weave structures allow virtually any image to be woven, while others lend themselves to stylized images of particular shapes. The final result of a weaver’s labor cannot be seen until the cloth is removed from the loom and has been fully fulled. To be a skilled weaver, you must acquire and master traditional knowledge.

List of the Top Weaving Blogs on the Internet Today

We’ve made a list of some of the top weaving blogs out there. They give the best and most up to date trends and know-hows about weaving. They’re quite visually pleasing, too!

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Weaving Hashtags on Social Media

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