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Travel blogging has to be one of the most fascinating and fun niche markets to be in. This is true whether you are an actual travel blogger or simply looking for information and photos of the best places to travel around the world. With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, more people are jumping onto the travel blog craze more than ever before. And this is perfectly understandable, as WordPress is making the process of creating a website or blog so easy, that anyone can literally go live in just a few minutes time.

If you are passionate about the idea of world traveling or simply want to document where you’ve been, then a travel blog is probably perfect for you. This is also true if you are simply looking to stay in the comfort of your home and travel the world through the eyes of someone else, simply by looking at other pictures and videos from where others have been.

To help with this process, we’ve listed some of the top blogs that focus on travel. Each of them is unique in their own way and will provide you with an amazing traveling experience while never leaving the comfort of your computer chair.

List of the Best Work from Home Blogs on the Internet Today

With the travel industry booming like never before, world travel is something that many people are searching for on a daily basis. Whether it’s saving money on a hotel, finding the best resorts or landmarks on your journey, or even just to find real reviews and photos for different places around the world, travel blogs are a great place to start your research.

Be sure to take time and look through each of the travel blogs below. Think about what you like on each of them and how you might be able to create a site of your own. At the end of our list we are going to walk you through the process of how to get started with a travel blog of your own.

The Work at Home Woman

This blog was created by Holly Hanna who lives and works out of her home in Austin, Texas. Her work-at-home blog features stories from female entrepreneurs, working moms, and others who have created their income from home. You’ll find stories of inspiration and entrepreneurship that help motivate you to reach your goals if you have decided to strike out on your own. Holly’s blog is intended to help female entrepreneurs find valid work-at-home opportunities or to start their own business.

The Work at Home Wife

Angie Nelson is the author of this work-at-home blog. It is well-designed and beautiful and features lots of stories that will interest anyone wanting to create a career working from home. She is a work-at-home wife herself, and she offers some valuable leads for work-at-home opportunities including some with high-paying jobs for women who want the independence of working at home.

Dream Home Based Work

LaShay Hudson hosts this blog, and it features some great work-at-home opportunities that help you locate the best money-making jobs on the web. She features articles that have high value for people who are working at home or wanting to start doing so. She features a job directory at the top of the blog that you can use to search for jobs on the web. There are also some helpful videos and resources to check out.

CEOWorld Business Blog

When you see the word “CEO” or “Founder”, you might be thinking about how they are the head person at a big business or media company. However, through the power of the internet, anyone can start a business online and be a CEO or Founder in the process. is an excellent entrepreneur focused blog that covers all aspects of creating a successful business, while also looking at the many different ways technology, finance, and world events change businesses around the world today. Be sure to check out the blog daily, as it’s always updated with new posts, and also has a great selection of “Top Lists”.

Real Ways to Make Money Online

This blog is one of the best work-at-home blogs on the internet due to its huge collection of links for real work-at-home opportunities. It features three main categories when you first enter the blog that includes job leads, a work-at-home directory, and work-at-home non-phone jobs. You can enter from any of those links or just browse around the site and see what interests you. They also have many interesting blog posts that are relevant and valuable to people who are working for themselves at home or are looking for opportunities to start a work-at-home career. This blog does an excellent job of reviewing various work-at-home jobs from a realistic viewpoint so that you see both the good and bad points of different opportunities.

Work at Home Adventures

This blog features many great blog articles that all include some relevant job opportunities for “work-at-home” individuals. You can browse through the selection of employment opportunities on the site and check out the ones that interest you. No matter what your goals are for your home-based business, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for making money and freeing yourself to live life the way you choose to do.

Work at Home Mom Revolution

The Work-at-Home Mom Revolution is a work-at-home blog that offers many opportunities for online work. There are also tips and tricks for finding jobs and even ideas on how to create a home business. If you want to find some great work-at-home opportunities, this is a great one to bookmark for future reference. It’s maintained by a work-at-home mom from North Carolina.

Work at Home No Scams

If you’re a man and you’re tired of seeing all of the “work-at-home mom” blogs, you may be relieved to find this one. Many men also work from home. Even highly specialized software or graphic designers often work from a home office. Eddy understands this, and he runs this blog to provide you with legitimate work-at-home jobs while showing you exactly how to avoid the scams. He reviews some work opportunities and shows you what he likes about them, too. Eddy is a useful resource for men (or anyone) wanting to know how to find an excellent opportunity for working at home while avoiding the scams.

Work from Home Happiness

This blog is beneficial on many levels. First, it offers plenty of opportunities in many different areas for work-at-home jobs. Second, you’ll find helpful information that you can take with you and actionable steps that help you find the best opportunities and make your work-at-home job work for you. Finally, it offers many links in the navigation that help you get started with your independent careers. Bookmark this blog as you’ll want to return often.

Arise Work from Home Blog

The Arise Work from Home Blog offers relevant tips and advice to home workers who work or want to seek an employment opportunity from Arise. They are an online customer service platform that you can create a partnership with to become an agent for their business. It is similar to, another online phone service opportunity. Callers for both companies take calls from direct advertising product lines like you see on The Home Shopping Network and other sources. The Arise blog offers a lot of information about how to succeed as an Arise agent as well as other tips that will help you manage to work in your home environment.

Home Business Magazine

The Home Business Magazine is an advanced online community that is created primarily for home-based entrepreneurs and business owners. This is not a blog for people who want to work for someone else at home. But, if you have always had a dream of building your own business, this is a blog for you. They offer great tips for telecommuters, and they offer tons of content to help you start up and succeed in a home-based business. Bookmark this blog is you have a desire to be a business owner without having to leave the comfort of your house.

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Now that you’ve had the opportunity to see some of the top travel blogs on the internet today have you thought about the idea of starting one of your own? After seeing some of the photos and videos from these travel bloggers, I can definitely see why so many people are jumping into this space.

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As you can see, the world of travel blogging is quite fun and exciting — even if you aren’t actively traveling through the wild deserts of Africa or the swampy meadows of Florida. Right now is the perfect time to get started with a travel blog of your own. Not only because it’s something everyone loves to view pictures on and talk about, but also because of the amazing hosting promotion going on right now with Bluehost.

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