Ubersuggest Review 2020: Is it the Best SEO Tool for Bloggers?

Having a successful website or blog comes down to many different components and factors. Outside of your marketing efforts and accolades budget, all sites that want to find success need to have great content, provide value to their audience and also know how to get their best content in front of their target demographic and users.

More often than not, this is often accomplished through the use of SEO and attempting to rank a site at the top of the search results. However, with more than a billion active websites and blogs generating new content, the chances of your site ranking on page one are quite low.

Even with all of that competition and content out there, millions of smaller sites and blogs continue to find their way up on the rankings through long tail keywords, content analysis and having a solid content creation and marketing plan in place.

All of this works great, but before we even start covering those topics, it’s important to first analyze your target keywords, the best content that is already ranking and what you can do to improve your rankings.

To best accomplish this, you will need to use a premium SEO tool and site analyze. Of the many different options available, Ubersuggest has quickly found itself ranking amongst the biggest SEO names in the industry.

Let’s now take a look at what Ubersuggest is all about, and why it might just be the number one SEO tool for site owners and bloggers in 2020.

Ubersuggest Review and SEO Dashboard

Ubersuggest is a free web-based SEO tool and site analyzer that allows site owners to better understand their site content, rankings and how to improve their results over the competition. The tool was also created (and used) by Neil Patel, not only to help grow out his own sites, but also those of his clients as well.

The site is free to use. Anyone can visit Ubersuggest and start analyzing websites and keywords right away. Additional project reports and improved features are available for members that decide to create a free account.

To get started, all one needs to do is visit the site, enter their site URL and then Ubersuggest will take it from there. After submitting any site URL, the user will be shown a dashboard setting like the one below.

As you will immediately see, Ubersuggest has all of the bells and whistles that bigger players like Ahrefs and SEMRush have to offer, but without the high premium pricing.

Features include everything from keyword and content ideas, an overview of site stats, competitor analysis, site audit and backlink features, and much more. To see the keyword ideas tool in action, all you need to do is type in your target keyword or phrase of choice. You will then be provided with a quick and easy to read report like the one below.

Notice how all keyword ideas and recommendations display on the left side of the report, while on the right side you can see the sites and content already ranking for them. This quickly gives you an idea of how competitive a keyword or phrase might be, which can help you decide on what topics and content ideas to aggressively go after.

Anyone can access and pull up reports like the example above, but if you would like to store such information or analyze the progress of your own site, it’s best to move forward with a free account. This will also allow for improved SEO tool usage, SEO training and support, while also being able to monitor daily rank movements while also receiving personalized SEO suggestions.

It’s completely free to sign up for a member profile, and all you need to do is connect your Google account. This allows Ubersuggest to instantly start analyzing your site, while also providing you with all of the necessary tools, features and analytics to track the process and improvements of your site.

The Many Benefits of Ubersuggest

Outside of the traditional SEO and site analysis tools and features mentioned above, Ubersuggest also provides their users with a wide selection of course training videos, worksheets, Q&A calls and additional consulting for brands who are looking to take their results to the next level.

Unlike other SEO brands that outsource most of their video training and courses out to staff or freelancers, the content provided by Ubersuggest is actually created by Neil Patel and his team. This means you can always expect the highest level of quality, while also learning about trends and discussions on what’s currently happening in the world of SEO and online marketing today.

Ubersuggest Plans & Pricing

As you already know, the world of online marketing and SEO analysis and tracking tools is quite competitive. Not only that, but it can be quite costly for site owners and brands to access such tools as well.

Ubersuggest is free to all users, but they do offer premium plans for site owners that are looking for deeper site analysis,

The free plan is perfect for site owners that are ready to improve their content and search rankings. Premium plans are also available, which are ideal for large businesses with multiple sites or agencies looking to track and report multiple sites.

Below you will see a breakdown of the three different pricing plans available. Individual is ideal for bloggers and site owners, while the Business or Enterprise/Agency plans are best for anyone managing a larger portfolio of sites.

With different plans available for all types and low monthly costs, Ubersuggest was built to cater to the needs of all site owners.

In comparison to other SEO platforms like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Moz, you will quickly see that Ubersuggest offers nearly all of the same tracking and features, while also coming at a much lower cost.

Pricing plans are set up on a monthly basis by default, but users also have the option to pay for a year in advance, which will provide them with two months of free usage in savings.

Is Ubersuggest the Best SEO Solution Out There?

When it comes to comparing the many different SEO tools and services out there, it’s all about preference and knowing how to pull the best data reports possible. As shown throughout the Ubersuggest review above, all of the necessary tools and features are there for the taking.

At the same time, the main thing that Ubersuggest offers that other solutions don’t, is the ability to access all tools and features with a free account. After giving the site a go and seeing the many different ways you can start improving your site and SEO, the upgraded plans are always there to take advantage of.

If you are serious about improving your site, it’s content and how it ranks in the search results, Ubersuggest is definitely one of the best options out there to choose from. Create your free account and get started with your own site optimization and improvements today.