15 of the Hottest Women Fitness Models on Instagram

Fitness influencers have become increasingly popular on social media in recent years. They share their workouts, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle tips with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

It’s no surprise that many people look to these fitness models for guidance on how to get fit and stay healthy. But why are people so drawn to fitness influencers?

For starters, seeing others who already have the body they desire can be inspirational. It gives people a tangible goal that they can strive towards. Additionally, some fitness models post entertaining videos or stories which make them more relatable and enjoyable to follow.

The most followed fitness models on Instagram include Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye, Jen Selter and many more — all of which will be covered in full detail in out hottest women in fitness list below.

13 of the Hottest Women Fitness Influencers on Instagram

These leading female fitness influencers have taken the world by storm with their toned bodies, hardworking attitudes, and dedication to staying fit. Each of them has made an impact on their loyal followers and continues to inspire people around the world to reach their fitness goals.

Kayla Itsines - @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines – @kayla_itsines

Born on 21 May 1991, Kayla Itsines is a prominent Australian personal trainer and entrepreneur. She co-founded the health and fitness app Sweat with Bikini Body Guide in 2014 which quickly grew to become one of the most popular digital fitness programs in the world.

Her Instagram account boasts over 11 million followers who follow her for her daily workout tips and motivation.

Sommer Ray - @sommerray

Sommer Ray – @sommerray

Born on September 15th, 1996, Sommer Ray is an American model, YouTuber, social media personality and fitness influencer. Known for her hourglass figure, she has become an inspiration to many women, encouraging them to be fit and healthy while maintaining their curves.

Her Instagram page has over 19 million followers and she posts daily updates on her fitness journey.

Jen Selter - @jenselter

Jen Selter – @jenselter

Born on August 8, 1993, Jen Selter is an American fitness model and internet celebrity. She gained fame for posting “belfies” (butt selfies) of her toned buttocks which earned her the nickname “Belfie Queen”.

With over 11 million followers on Instagram, Selter has become one of the most authoritative figures in the world of health and fitness.

Paige Hathaway - @paigehathaway

Paige Hathaway – @paigehathaway

Born on July 31 1987, Paige Hathaway is an American personal trainer, entrepreneur and social media influencer with a very impressive online presence.

Her award-winning physique has earned her more than 4 million followers who are constantly inspired by her workout and fitness tips.

Ana Cheri - @anacheri

Ana Cheri – @anacheri

Born on May 16, 1986, Ana is an American model, entrepreneur and Instagram star with over 12 million followers.

Her figure has been featured in many magazines like Maxim and Playboy. She is admired for her strong work ethic and commitment to physical fitness.

Anllela Sagra - @anllela_sagra

Anllela Sagra – @anllela_sagra

Born on October 6th 1993, Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model who has taken the world by storm with her impressive physique and hardworking attitude.

With over 14 million followers she posts daily updates of her workout routine which helps motivate people all around the world to stay fit.

Eva Andressa - @eva_andressa

Eva Andressa – @eva_andressa

Born on December 19th 1984, Eva Andressa is one of the most recognizable names in female fitness. She has been featured in various publications such as Muscle & Fitness Hers, FHM India, and Maxim Brasil.

With over 5 million followers on Instagram, she continues to inspire millions of people with her workout tips and nutrition advice.

Katya Elise Henry - @katyaelisehenry

Katya Elise Henry – @katyaelisehenry

Born on June 14th 1994, Katya is an American influencer who was primarily known for her dance moves before she got into fitness.

After seeing the results that her own routine had on her body she decided to start posting them online which quickly amassed a huge following of 9 million fans.

Karina Elle - @karinaelle

Karina Elle – @karinaelle

Born on November 2nd 1991, Karina Elle is a personal trainer and entrepreneur from San Diego who specializes in strength and conditioning. Her Instagram page has over 7 million followers who are inspired by her daily workout videos and fitness routines.

She is also the creator of the “Karina Elle Method” which provides an efficient, effective and entertaining way to get in shape.

Emily Skye - @emilyskyefit

Emily Skye – @emilyskyefit

Born on January 7th 1985, Emily Skye is an Australian fitness personality and businesswoman. She has over 4 million followers on Instagram who follow her for her daily fitness motivation and tips.

Since launching her program ‘F.I.T’ (Functional Intensity Training) she has helped millions of people around the world achieve their fitness goals.

Anna Nystrom – @annanystrom

Born on June 19th 1992, Anna Nystrom is a Swedish model and social media influencer with over 10 million followers on Instagram.

Known for her toned physique and positive attitude, she continues to inspire countless women from all backgrounds to stay fit and healthy.

Lauren Drain – @laurendrainfit

Born on December 31st 1985, Lauren Drain is an American fitness personality and author of a book “Banished” which talks about her personal experience with banishment from the Westboro Baptist Church.

With more than 4 million followers on Instagram, her journey to health and fitness has become an inspiration for many.

Gracyanne Barbosa – @graoficial

Born on September 20th 1983, Gracyanne Barbosa is a Brazilian fitness model who was once a professional dancer. She has over 9 million followers on Instagram who are inspired by her positive attitude and dedication to staying fit.

Her figure has been featured in magazines like Playboy Brasil and GQ Mexico.

The Most Attractive Female Fitness Models on Instagram

These top female fitness influencers have taken the world by storm with their hard work and dedication to physical fitness. Each one has made a name for themselves on social media as they continue to inspire millions of people around the world with their impressive physiques, workout tips, motivation and nutrition advice.

Whether you’re just starting out or already at peak fitness, these ladies can help take your workouts to the next level!