Yaro Starak Blog Review – A Blogger’s Entrepreneurs Journey to Yaro.blog

Yaro Starak is a professional blogger and entrepreneur who started with a simple blog about entrepreneurship, and he used his experience in his previous businesses to help others to grow their blog and their business.

He says it took him about 18 months to build up his blog to the point of being able to market to a specific audience. He now reports that he makes around $5,000 or more per month with his blog.

He recommends that bloggers research various industries to see what kind of market there is within a particular industry before launching a blog on a specific topic or niche area. Yaro has been able to create his blog around the theme of entrepreneurship, and he borrowed from his various experiences from his previous jobs and positions.

Yaro’s Blog

Yaro’s blog features appearances that Yaro has made in various media platforms. You’ll find information about his various products such as podcasts, videos, articles, and online course material that he sells through his blog.

He recommends that bloggers who are just starting should find a market for their niche area, create great content that includes a wide array of different types of media such as podcasts, videos, articles, and online courses as he does to direct people back to their main site and blog to purchase. This is how you create an income from a blog, by having products that can be purchased on site through a payment system that is dependable and predictable.

Yaro stated that he is an expert blogger who focuses on a specific topic and who sells digital media rather than focusing on advertising that he features on his site. He stated that he is different than the bloggers who operate more like an online magazine such as TechCrunch which relies more on online advertising than blogs that focus on products and services.

Getting Started

Yaro Starak is a great life coach in addition to being a successful blogger. He teaches people how to create traffic by generating interest in topic-centered information that drives both engagement and sales.

Creating a Blog Sales Funnel

Yaro talks about his “blog sales funnel” on his blog site that helps his students to find their way around the blogging world.

Yaro’s Case Studies

Yaro has a section on his blog that features some of his best success stories. These are people who didn’t know much about how to make a living blogging when they joined his program, but they learned how to master the game through his tutorials and advice.

Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson is a sports blogger who had a passion for basketball. He heard about Yaro’s blogging platform and took in his information like a sponge. Then he applied the techniques to grow his sports blog into a multimillion-dollar business. He was able to make enough money to move from his home in Chicago to the Islands of Maui.

He learned how to create ads for his site, but he says he learned quickly how to avoid appearing sales-oriented by having too many ads. Instead, he became laser-focused on his hobby and passion for sports to create his income. He creates premium content with top-quality articles about the sports arena, and he became an expert in sports stats that made him an expert with sports fans. He predicted wins and most valuable players for specific contests which generated more interest for his blog.

Perry Romanowski

Another big success story from Yaro’s blog is Perry Romanowski. He was a High School chemistry teacher who applied the techniques of Yaro’s course on blogging to create educational and information products to help people learn how to create shampoo and boy lotions using a chemical formula.

For entrepreneurs who are in the beauty space, this is valuable information that people are willing to pay quite a lot for. Check out the podcast using the link above.

Launch of the Entrepreneurs’ Journey Site

Yaro created the entrepreneurs’ journey site after having created the Betteredit.com site following a business failure with a card store. After some starts and stops, he decided to focus on what he did best which is to create his digital products. After some limited success on this new site, he decided to rebrand his site to yaro.blog.

Yaro was already an accomplished writer, so he was able to use his talent in the freelance writing niche to create a steady income for himself. At the same time, he had an interest in creating other types of digital content such as podcasts and videos, so he began to include these as well.

If you go to the old entrepreneur site now, you will be redirected to the Yaro blog.

Yaro’s Web Properties

Below are some of Yaro’s most impressive web properties, along with his social media sites so you can check out more about him and keep up with his business and ventures as an entrepreneur. Yaro is an example of someone who shows how entrepreneurship is a journey, not an end result. You have to keep moving forward and not let temporary setbacks discourage you.

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How to Start Your Own Blog Like Yaro Starak

After studying what professional bloggers like Yaro Starak have done, you will want to try your hand at creating your blog. It all starts with focusing on an area of expertise that you can market to thousands of others who share your interest and passion.

Yaro started with a card collecting store then moved to create informational products that appealed to people who wanted to launch a blog. Think about what you are good at and focus on either educating others in the niche area or sharing digital products or materials with people who want to launch their own business with a business blog.

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Any topic will work as long as there is a need for it on the online market. But make sure you choose something that you know about in the real world. People are looking for experts who can help them with their own businesses or ideas. If you can provide that to them, you may be on the way to blogging success.