9 Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs in 2023

The world of cryptocurrency and finance is growing all the time, while also making drastic moves and headlines in the process. Anything associated with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or any of the well known crypto coins out there, is likely to get a lot of attention.

What’s also interesting and noteworthy, is that more businesses and websites are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment everyday. And while this isn’t ground breaking news, it should also be noted that more affiliate programs are going live with each of these sites as well.

With so much interest in Bitcoin and other crypto coins, many affiliates would prefer a crypto-based affiliate program, especially if it is focused on Bitcoin, and paying out in it as well.

There are some exceptional Bitcoin-based affiliate programs to choose from, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and knowing which will convert best with your audience.

To help in this process, we are going to highlight nine of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs.

Crypto Millions Lotto

Crypto Millions Lotto is a popular online lottery site, which has an affiliate program that deals in Bitcoin only. Their revenue sharing structure is quite attractive and a great incentive to affiliates to keep referring and signing up new users and earn income month after month. 

Commission rates offer up to 15% in revenue share, while also having a 5% bonus payout in place — should an affiliate refer a player that ends up winning a jackpot.

The Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate program is licensed and operates in 180 countries, as is their website for players. Through the use of their affiliate management platform and dashboard, affiliates are given access to real-time reports on earnings, traffic stats and provided with all of the necessary information to access affiliate support services to improve player referrals and maximize earnings.

  • Commission rates of up to 15% 
  • 5% bonus on Jackpot winner referrals
  • Payment through Bitcoin
  • Dedicated affiliate manager 


Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange established in 2012, and it is a mainstream cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage. Coinbase is based in the United States but allows users globally to buy Bitcoin through bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. 

Coinbase has a simple user interface that makes it easy to trade its advanced trading platform.  It allows one to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and many more.

The Coinbase affiliate program has many good features, such as 

  • High commission rates of 50 % for the first 3 months
  • Earnings per click are $0.50
  • The cookie length is 30 days, which is helpful for the affiliate to earn a commission.
  • Dedicated affiliate Manager 


eToro is a reputable brokerage and offers trading in stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrency, and CFD.  They have been a game-changer when it comes to trading by retail clients in the financial market. New investors learn from the existing experienced investors who earn when they allow others to follow them. 

eToro does not support APIs or scraping; hence the Afflytics tool is not available on this platform. The eToro affiliate program has high commission rates of $200-$600 per CPA, and they also provide a dedicated affiliate Manager to the affiliate. 


Bitpanda is another major cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage that offers its clients to buy Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrency, and precious metals. The Bitpanda affiliate program starts with a 10% base commission and increases up to 20% as you earn with them. 

The Bitpanda affiliate program has lucrative feature such as 

  • High commission rates of 10%- 20 % 
  • Earnings per click are variable 
  • The length of the cookie is 30 days which is helpful for the affiliate to earn a commission.
  • Dedicated affiliate Manager 

Fortune Jack Partners

With online entertainment and gaming always being at the top of everyone’s list, Fortune Jack offers a platform for users to play many of the top casino games you likely already know and love, the ability to bet on sports and play many other challenging games for cash prizes and payouts as well.

Not only does Fortune Jack have an excellent site and platform in place, they also have a great looking affiliate program as well. Some of the many features, commission structures and benefits are listed below.

  • Earn commissions of up to 70% depending on volume
  • Nearly 1,000 BTC already paid out to affiliates
  • No negative carryover
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Huge selection of games for players to play
  • 30% commission on sports betting


The PrivacyPros are known to provide their clients privacy and security online. They are a privacy Bitcoin and cybersecurity brand that sells various products such as hardware wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKe.  The commissions are attractive, and they have a higher conversion rate compared to other affiliate programs. They also have their own rate for a line of products, including the Billfodl.

The PrivacyPros affiliate program has features such as 

  • High commission rates of 15% 
  • Earnings per click are $0.40
  • The length of the cookie is 30 days which is helpful for the affiliate to earn a commission.
  • Dedicated affiliate Manager 
  • Use of Impact platform


CryptoTrader.Tax is a major cryptocurrency tax software that allows its users to calculate their taxes at a fraction of cost compared to other tax services. It is simple to download, import the trades manually or through an API, add the cryptocurrency income, and download your tax liability report.

The CryptoTrader.Tax affiliate program has features such as:

  • Lifetime commission rates of 25% 
  • The cookie length is 15 days
  • Dedicated affiliate Manager 
  • Use of FirstPromoter platform


Kraken is a highly ranked cryptocurrency exchange platform that assists clients in buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency, including Bitcoins. Kraken has a reputation for having excellent legal compliance, tight security, and healthy banking partnerships. Kraken offers a 20% lifetime commission, which is capped at $1000 per referral. This caping is on the higher side and does not affect the majority of cases.

The Kraken affiliate program has feature such as 

  • Lifetime commission rates of 20% 
  • Earnings per click are variable 
  • Cookie length of 180 days
  • Dedicated affiliate Manager 
  • Use of Impact platform


Binance has a large trading volume that makes it one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform currently offers compatibility with multiple devices, and allows users to start trading with safety and convenience.

Binance offers trading in more than 45+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and many others. You can also view the main page of their site to see all of the latest prices associated with major crypto coins and tokens.

The Binance affiliate program has feature such as 

  • High commission rates of between 20%-60% for lifetime 
  • Earnings per click are variable 
  • Dedicated in house Affiliate Manager 

The Benefits and Growth of Crypto Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is a great affiliate niche to be in, though it has its positive and negative points. There is plenty of growth as new individuals and businesses continue to adapt crypto into their everyday lives and business operations.

However, there is also no doubt that volatility is also there, and no one can forecast what direction it might be headed in. Whether that direction is continually up or down doesn’t matter, as long as it continues to gain legitimacy and be adopted in more places. 

Should one plan to drive affiliate marketing traffic via SEO, it is important to understand that it is a very competitive space, with a lot of heavily invested companies and affiliates fighting for space. Therefore, one cannot be in it half-heartedly, but must treat it like a real business.

Referral programs in the crypto niche are exceptionally lucrative, with many crypto exchanges featuring lifetime commissions or high CPAs; for example, eToros can give a $600 payout. And the concept of earning a potential 5% bonus payout on a jackpot from sites like Millions Crypto Lotto is also quite appealing as well.

In summary, cryptocurrency is an excellent affiliate marketing niche with many lucrative offers across different platforms. Many crypto affiliate programs discussed above offer lifetime or recurring commissions that allow one to have passive income consistently. 

To get started in this space, while also potentially being on the path to earn some great money and revenue, be sure to check out each of the affiliate programs listed above.