Top 25 Hosting Companies (Infographic)

Over the past month we at have been putting together a “Top 25 Hosting Companies” for bloggers. We’ve collected over 5600 different bloggers votes to put together one of the most complete guides on the what we users feel is the best hosting companies in the world, not just the free hosting companies that we all see.

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We know that hosting can be a pain in the butt to find the best provider. We’ve been there and have had our share of problems ourselves. No bloggers out there wants to have his or her website down. With more then 203 million blogs in the world, having the best hosting is crucial. We put together a list where we asked 5600 bloggers to select their top hosting provider.

We asked each and every blogger to vote on the top hosting company that they use and would recommend to their peers. Keep in mind that we are not doing anything affiliate or payout on commissions. We want our bloggers to know who is the best out there without us being paid for it! Note that some people voted for multiple hosting companies. Some top bloggers use multiple hosting companies for different blogs. Here are the results we collected:

Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy our list of the Top 25 Hosting Companies in the world for bloggers. Here is all the exact stats on all the companies and links to their websites if you’d like to visit them!

Interesting Stats:

  • 203+ Million Blogs Worldwide
  • 31+ Million Bloggers in USA
  • 60% of Businesses in USA have Company Blog.
  • 4 out of 6 bloggers are Male.

Blogging Platform Distribution:

  • WordPress 43%
  • Blogger 35%
  • Tumblr, Typepad, Posterous 16%
  • Other 6%

Here are your Top 25 Hosting Companies in the World for Bloggers:

#1: HostGator (1907 of 5600 Bloggers)

Hostgator entered the web hosting scene in 2002, and currently support over eight million domains. They currently offer virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting, as well as reseller hosting.

#2 BlueHost (1023 of 5600 Bloggers)

BlueHost, sister site of HostMonster, also offers shared server web hosting. They have a free site builder service, and use cPanel for client access. They also have a hosting reseller program. They have been in business since 1996.

#3 Rackspace (690 of 5600 Bloggers)

Rackspace US, Inc. has been in business since 1998. Emphasizing support and customer service, their services range from cloud servers and sites to custom applications and managed colocation servers. They utilize OpenStack as their cloud computing infrastructure.

#4 Softlayer (667 of 5600 Bloggers)

SoftLayer provides dedicated server hosting, managed hosting, and cloud computing to its customers. Their virtual cloud servers, or CloudLayer servers, can be created and implemented on demand. They have been in operation since 2005.

#5 Amazon (483 of 5600 Bloggers)

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services has offered cloud computing and hosting services that currently support thousands of businesses around the world. Some of their products include Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and AWS Storage Gateway.

#6 (402 of 5600 Bloggers)

Since 2000 has been in the hosting and domains space. They specialize in affordable Domain names but also have web hosting, VPS hosting, Emails, and SSL services. They also have some cool free domain and email forwarding services. Business is mostly word of mouth.

#7 NetHosting (387 of 5600 Bloggers)

NetHosting was created in 1998 and offers dedicated, virtual, VPS, and cloud hosting. They also provide online marketing, web design, and SEO services. Their virtual hosting servers run on CloudLinux, which helps keep virtual environments from interfering with each other’s resources.

#8 BrainHost (355 of 5600 Bloggers)

Brain Host offers both shared and dedicated server web hosting. Offering all customer unlimited bandwith, disk space, email and account sites, Customers may use their custom website builder, or have Brain Host build a site for them.

#9 UK2 (353 of 5600 Bloggers)

UK2 began in 1998 as an ISP, and has since branched out into web hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and VPS cloud hosting. They also offer a website design tool.

#10 Peer 1 Hosting (288 of 5600 Bloggers)

Peer 1 Hosting, operating since 1999, supports several different hosting solutions. They offer colocation and dedicated server hosting, as well as managed hosting, private cloud, cloud storage, and cloud-based email services. They also have a cloud-based graphics processing service.

#11 HostMonster (122 of 5600 Bloggers)

HostMonster offers web hosting on shared servers. Customers access their sites using cPanel. HostMonster has been in business since 1996.

#12 FatCow (107 of 5600 Bloggers)

Founded in 1998, FatCow is a provider of shared Web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable web hosting option. They offer site building tools, as well as SEO services.

#13 1 & 1 Internet (93 of 5600 Bloggers)

1&1 Internet, a subsidiary of United Internet, was founded in 1988. They manage both website hosting, site design, and server services. Cloud servers, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers are all available. 1&1 also offers free private domain registration.

#14 SingleHop (71 of 5600 Bloggers)

SingleHop began as a web hosting service in 2006. They currently host on dedicated, public cloud, and private cloud servers. They also offer some server management options, as well as dedicated hosting reselling through Tandem.

#15 JustHost (44 of 5600 Bloggers)

Just Host provides shared server and reseller hosting. Customers use cPanel to access their sites, and are granted unlimited domain hosting.

#16 GoGrid (43 of 5600 Bloggers)

GoGrid is a cloud hosting service, and operates Linux and Windows virtual machines. Their Hybird Hosting allows customers to provision virtual and dedicated servers on the same network. They also offer colocation services.

#17 Windows Azure (32 of 5600 Bloggers)

Windows Azure is an application platform for cloud computing. It can be used to build web applications, store data, host websites, or even create virtual machines. Windows Azure runs and stores its data in Microsoft data centers.

#18 GoDaddy (32 of 5600 Bloggers)

GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Since their inception in 1997, they have since expanded to other web services such as SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and web store construction.

#19 myHosting (31 of 5600 Bloggers)

Founded in 1997, myHosting has accumulated more than 50,000 customers and one of the largest web-based email retrieval systems. Their primary focus has been on web hosting and VPS hosting.

#20 InMotion (29 of 5600 Bloggers)

Since their inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting has offered several web solutions. They have both dedicated and VPS hosting available, as well as several free hosting tools such as website builders and blog software. They also have custom web design options, SEO and social media services.

#21 Superb Internet (17 of 5600 Bloggers)

Superb Internet has acted as a hosting and internet domain registrar company since 1996. They currently offer web hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server hosting, reseller hosting, and colocation.

#22 LiquidWeb (16 of 5600 Bloggers)

Liquid Web, est. 1997, provides a range of hosting services. They call their upper-tier hosting options “Smart Servers,” and offer Smart VPS and Smart Dedicated Servers. Solid State Drives are an option in the Smart Servers. They have basic cloud and dedicated server options as well.

#23 DreamHost (14 of 5600 Bloggers)

DreamHost sells hosting through shared, dedicated, and virtual private servers, and also offers cloud storage. Their Files Forever service acts as a permanent online archive, only costing a one-time storage fee for files uploaded. They also have a free web application hosting service. DreamHost has been in business since 1996.

#24 Hostway (13 of 5600 Bloggers)

Hostway, established in 1998, provides hosting services for web sites, databases, and business applications as well as online marketing and web design. They offer colocation, FlexCloud servers, and hybrid hosting.

#25 iPage (9 of 5600 Bloggers)

iPage has been in business over 10 years, with over 1 Million websites and 1.5 Million domains under management. They offer web hosting for your small to medium sized business.

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Hope you have enjoyed our infographic. Special thanks goes out to the 5600 bloggers that helped us put this post together!